Lady sniff my twisted Lincoln
Lady walk on low
Lately when I see you baby
Lord I gotta go
Walkin' down that stinky highway
Got to meet my man
Lately when I smell his dandy
Whoa, my, God damn
And I said No, yeah, I mean no
And I said no
Take me back to Detroit, Paul yeh heh heh

Lady Sniff my broken teabag, Lady walk the road
Lately when I see that teabag I can't take no more
Lady walk that greasy gravy, Lord, and my teat
Lately when I eat you baby, Lord I just can't see
Cause I say no, no honey no, no ya man no, not on you baby
Pass me some of that dumb ass over there, hey, boy I te----.

Lady walk with fur-burger, animally in
Lately when I see you baby, got to have my skin
Lady walk that greasy highway, stinky, holy war
Lately when I see you baby, walkin out my door
'cause I say no, yeah I mean no
No no no no, yeah, it's really comin' now
Murray! Bring me my bacon, Murray?

Lady fold my wall-to-wall
Know what the hell you say
Walk 'em on those roly-polys, each and every day.
Lady use my stinky pinky, rooty-dooty-doo
Lately when I see you baby don't know what I'd do.
And I say No, yeah no, no
No no no no no, ya, bo'
Hey, wait a minute.

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    karaoke video from the blind eye sees all dvd
    but these are probably changed, like rainwalk said.
    vans1170on June 24, 2010   Link
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    General CommentOn the record, I hear, "Take me back to Detroit, Tyrone," and, "stinky pinky." In parts of East Texas, "pinky" is slang for vaginal fingering or female masturbation. I think this song is partly inspired by the notion of a guy who won't have sex with his wife because of genital odor.

    I think Gibby is probably making fun of a stereotypical male chauvinist bigoted slob type--perhaps a real person, since truth is often stranger than fiction. At the end of the song, his sexually frustrated wife gets sick of it all and splits.

    Regardless, though, I love Paul Leary's guitar work on this song. I sampled and edited one of the chords for a future project of my own.
    maddpsyintyston June 29, 2014   Link
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    General CommentThis is the most mind-blowing song I've ever heard (and funny as hell). The meaning of the lyrics? I am sure they are obscene, but fortunately my life has been normal enough that I cannot guess much further.

    There's my shot at the lyrics:

    Yeah, boy!
    Heh, heh, heh, heh!
    Lady sniff my tweaky lickin'
    Lady what I know
    Lately when I see you, baby
    Lord, I gotta go
    Walking down that tweaky highway
    Got to meet my man
    Lately when I smell it, baby
    Oh, my, God damn!
    And I said no! Yeah, I mean no. Yeah, when I said no.
    Take me back to Detroit pal, oh yeah heh heh.

    Lady sniff my broken teabag
    Lady walked the road
    Lately when I see that teabag
    I can't take the load
    Lady walk that greasy gravy
    Lord a mighty.
    Lately when I eat you baby
    Lord, I just can see
    And I said no! Lord, I mean no. No, I don't do that.
    Pass me some o' dat dumb-ass, hey, boy, I tell y'u'

    Lady walk with furry pearly
    And a body in
    Lately when I see it, baby
    Got to have my sin
    Lady, walk that greasy highway
    Sneaky holy war
    Lately when I see you, baby
    Walkin' out my door
    Cause I said no! Yeah, I mean no. No, no no.
    Murray! Bring me my bacon! Murray!

    Lady bought my walking wardrobe
    What the hell you say
    Walk among those roly-poly
    Each and every day
    Lately with my sneaky-peaky rootie-dootie-doo
    Lately when I see you, baby
    Don't know what I'd do
    And I said no. Yeah, no. Yeah, I mean no.
    Wait a minute. Murray!
    mrsongmeaningson August 19, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthahaha, how the heck did you get these lyrics?
    cheesenuggetton September 08, 2006   Link
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    Beavis46on August 01, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe line is :

    "Take me back to Detroit, Paul."

    This is where he hands off to Paul, the guitarist, for a short 'solo'. I've seen them perform this twice - Gibby looks at or gestures to Paul on this line.

    And who knows what else Gibby ever says, ever. He consistently makes up different words onstage anyway. Or at least he used to back in the day.
    rainwalkon April 05, 2009   Link

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