I hacked the pentagon for self incrminating evidence
a republican manufactured white powder pestilance
marine core flack vest with the guns and ammo
spittin bars like a demon stuck inside a piano
turn a sambo into a soldier with just one line
so heres the truth about the system that'll f' up your mind
they gave alqeada 6 million dollars in 1989
to 1992
and now the last chapters of revelations are coming true
and i know alotta people find it hard to follow this
because subliminal bigotry makes you hate my politics
but u act like america wouldnt destroy 2 buildings
in a country that was sponsoring bombs getting dropped on children
i was watching the towers
although i wasnt the closest
i saw them crumble to the earth like they were full of explosives
and they thought nobody noticed the news report that they did
about the bombs planted on the george washington bridge
four non arabs arrested during the emergency
and then it dissapeared in the news permanantly
they dubbed a tape ossama
and they said it was proof
jeleous of our freedom
i cant believe u bought that excuse
rockin a mutha f'ing flag dont make you a hero
word to ground zero
the devil crept into heaven
god overslept on the 7th
the new world order was born on sept 11th
and just so conservatives dont take it to heart
i dont think bush did it
cuz he isnt that smart
hes just a stupid puppet taking orders on his cell phone
and the same people that sabotaged senator wellstone
the military industry has it popping and locking
looking for a way to justify the wolfowitz doctrine
as a matter of fact
rumsfeld now that i think back
without 9-11 u couldnt have a war in iraq
or a defense budget of world conquest proportions
kill freedom of speech and have the right to revoke abortion
tax cut extortion
a blessing to the wealthy and wicked
but u still have to answer to the armaggeadon you scripted
and dick cheney you f'ing leech
you dont you tell them your plans
about putting your pipes lines through afghanistan
and how isreali troops trained the taliban
through pakistan
you might have some house niggas food
but i understand
colonialism is sponsored by corporations
thats why halliburton gets paid to rebuild nations
so tell me the truth i dont scare into paralysis
i know that the cia saw bin laden on dialysis
in 98 when he was top ten in the fbi
government ties
is really why the government lies
read it yourself
instead of asking the government why
because then the cause of death
will cause the propoganda to die

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