Salty wounds or lemonade
That's more like it
A flooded road to daily life
Oh I love it
Weight that crushes all the bones
See who standing
A plan that disappears in smoke
You deserve it

Heel and you hoe and you've fallen behind
A handful of knowledge that weakens your mind
A heart full of truth and it's making you blind
Ohhh, holey dime

Sent to hell on paper wings
They're all laughing
A drone that permeates all things
Now you're tone deaf
A stitch in time and it's your tongue
Chew on rubber
The nectar falls into your mouth
And turns to gravel

Heel and you hoe and you've fallen behind
A handful of knowledge that weakens your mind
A heart full truth that is making you blind
Ohhh, holey dime

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"Holey Dime" as written by P.j. Harvey Alain Johannes

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Holey Dime song meanings
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    General CommentI think this song is about problems in life...I could and most probably am wrong.
    Qotsa-in-my-bloodon July 31, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI had no idea what to make of the lyrics, but I read your interpretation and kind of agree with you. It might be about dealing with information that has dramatic consequences and makes you upset: "A handful of knowledge that weakens your mind" and later "Sent to hell on paper wings"(the information is on paper), a bit far-fetched maybe..

    "Flooded road to daily life", think this is pretty straight forward, a big problem that really interferes with your life.

    Love the song!
    henrikhenrikon February 28, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think maybe it's about how some people just can't seem to get a break, no matter what opportunities they might SEEM to have. I think the phrase "holey dime" means something of apparent value with no real value. An empty opportunity.

    I think it also could be about people that can't seem to see any worth in life. In that case "holey dime" would mean something more like "valuable to others, but no value to me". That could also explain some of the self-hatred themes like "A plan that disappears in smoke/You deserve it". Like, the person feels that their miserableness is their fault.
    i8luigion June 06, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI agree with the comments I've seen here. I agree mostly, but want to add my thoughts. I see this as a song about losing hope with life. Having been someone who doesn't value living all that much as a result of depression and economic disparaties, I can say what it means to me.

    The lines "a flooded road to daily life" and a drone that permeates all things" are for me alluding to depression or problems that cannot simply be solved. The writer is not happy and cannot find a way to be.

    "Ascend to hell on paper wings" to me means having no money; money, simple pieces of paper, can mean both nothing and everything depending on your situation. You can have it and still not be happy or you can be without and it compounds your problems.

    The line "you deserve it" is a very real thing many people experience whether or not their problems are or aren't their fault. Having seen many things I've tried to accomplish go up in smoke has made me even more sad, and some of them have been unfair consequences of mistakes long past.

    I notice the sarcasm in the line "oh, I love it." I think the sentence is "now you tone deaf/a stitch in time and it's your tone" but I don't know how that changes it. And finally, "the nectar falls into your mouth and turns to gravel" reminds me of alcoholism and how it is a prized substance such as nectar which one would drink to mask problems, but in the end it is harmful and even destroys your teeth and insides and is obviously harmful hence the "turns to gravel" part. You know what this thing you value to alleviate your feeling anything does. It is both prized especially when you can score with no money and you're aware it is going to fuck you up in many ways.

    Eh, anyway. This isn't as eloquent as I'd like it to be but I hope I've said what I wanted to.
    Abcdefzon October 03, 2017   Link

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