"Tried And True" as written by and Michael Melchiondo Aaron Freeman....
At the dawn, I woke, I was alone, rising
I called you on, the force, of time and space, calling
And as she came, to me, I fell back down, realizing
Oh that it's cool, for you, to love me now, I'm everything

Everything, 'cause tried, and true, I see the light in you
Oh han you dig in my soul, could you smell my whole, life?

You bent the edge, eclipsed, and turned around, aligning
And though the dark, sparked rays of violet light, blinding
I went about, the job, of sowing thoughts, and feelings
Oh some were good, some bad, I felt the cries, of healing

'Cause tried and true, I see the light in you
Oh can you dig in my soul, could you smell my whole, life?

Rise, my Dawn, you've been awake too long
Let me rest in time, while I blow your mind

At the dawn, I woke, I was alone, rising (I got ya)
I called you on, the force, of time and space, calling (see them)
And as she came, to me, I fell back down, realizing (creation)
that it's cool, for you, to love me now, I'm everything (I am)

Everything,'cause tried and true, I see the light in you
Can you dig in my soul, could you smell my whole, life?

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"Tried and True" as written by Michael Melchiondo Aaron Freeman


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    My InterpretationTo be honest. As I read about it and think of it, this song seems to be about a crazy trip thats completely out of body but in reality he's with someone he loves and that she grounds him and he realizes that he doesn't need drugs to enjoy her, but still high or not its okay to love him.

    Also with yahtzee's input it could also be a song about just having enjoyable sex. Tried and True. Why experiment when you know what you like and you know how to do it?
    And to possibly add to that its a surprise in the morning. As the sun is coming up.

    At dawn he got out of bed trying to wake up only to find her and get pushed back down...
    RamonLionon October 23, 2010   Link
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    General Commentumm... actuall most of weens songs are about drugs and strongly influenced by them... read some interviews gene and dean talk about their drugs usage pretty openly
    seanweenon July 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe last line of the chorus has an intended homophone where he basically sings "Could you smell my hole?". Which is hilarious.
    yahtzeeon October 16, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationIt seems he wants a woman, probably a nurse, to stick a hand up his butt and dig around to find his soul. Then take a good whiff of it and see if it smells like his whole life or what he just ate that day? Haven't we all wondered about this? Unless you don't believe you can access the soul through the butt and you think all souls are kept in god's butt and he lets you have it when you die if you've followed his rules on earth. Seems made up to me, but to each his/her own.....
    Mo Ohlesson March 06, 2018   Link
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    General CommentAnother song about a trip. He's visiting God, or a god, or a force, or whatever he believes to be the all-powerful, and he became that force. Lots of people who take psychedelic drugs feel like everything in the world is tied together through a unifying force, and that's what this song is talking about. He lived his whole life and now he's beyond life, and wants the girl to do the same. "I'm everything." That means he's her too, so she's him, and everything is everything.
    Optimus Primeon March 29, 2005   Link
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    General CommentHow does this song only have one comment? It is above and beyond their best song. Simply amazing lyrics and music.
    mistercrinkleson May 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI agree with the drugs...I think he just woke up from some powerful halluconigetic like acid or shrooms and was still high, or took another hit, feeling powerful enough to be at peace with the limits and truth of life. Or he could be trying to return to dream-world, where there are no limits. He describes himself as a worker, one who sews his unique patchwork of heart and mind, emotion and intelligence, into the quilted dimensons of the universe.

    The force of time and space is some divine female who gave birth to life with the conception of those two dimensions, allowing humanity to exist. She is the one singing the chorus, because she has possessed his thoughts with the realization he's having. She's saying it's cool youre doing drugs, making love to my power, but try to stay high without them, keep this mindframe, because my highness is in every one of your thoughts even when you're sober and awake but you're just not realizing it. No matter what, it is in everything.

    "Rise my darling, you've been awake too long"- contradicts it self, it seems, but could be saying just that: dreaming is reality (dreams are like being high, too), and everything is backwards like that. When you die, you are eternally dreaming. Getting high and sleeping is getting closer to death, as well as getting closer to "God"
    Shep420on June 09, 2006   Link
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    General Commentween's fuckign songs arent about drugs dont be so shallow this song is very spiritual and anyways drugs just took him back to the dawn if youve ever been high youd understand it
    firstfever11ston July 29, 2007   Link
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    General Commentdont know what it means, but it's definitely one of their coolest songs ever
    the best of quebec - no question
    hyperion70on February 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOne of my all-time favorite Ween songs. Dean and Gene are always pretty open about their use of drugs. They always have been. A lot of their songs are about drug use and/or written while on some substance. I assumed this song was about an experience while on some substance. I LOVE the background singing of Gene in this song.
    Imajikaon April 14, 2009   Link

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