Ooo when I was a small boy,
Well, I could see the magic in a day,
But, now I'm just a poor boy,
Well, maybe it's the price you have to pay,
If you lock your dreams away
If no-one wants to listen.

What's the story,
I wish I'd been a minstrel,
Just think of all the maidens I could call,
Oh-I wish I'd been a gypsy,
Then maybe I could read the crystal ball,
Cause surrounded by these walls,
Just makes me feel uneasy.

I said hey, Sister Moonshine
Won't you send me a little sun
I said hey, Sister Moonshine
Who's a stranger to everyone.

Make us all cry
Make us all try
Give us a secret, show us the light,
Well, strike up the music, light up the sky.

Mmm-If I was a lion,
Well, I could be the king off all the plains,
Mmm-If is was an eagle,
Well, maybe I could fly above the rains,
Oh, fly above the pain
But, I know I'm only foolin'

I said hey, Sister Moonshine,
Won't you send me a little sun,
I said hey, Sister Moonshine,
Who's a stranger to everyone.

Make us all cry,
Make us all cry,
I said hey, Sister Moonshine
I said hey, Sister Moonshine,
I said hey, said hey
I said hey, I said hey Sister Moonshine

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Sister Moonshine Lyrics as written by Roger Hodgson Richard Davies

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Sister Moonshine song meanings
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    General CommentWell, moonshine is a term for homemade distilled alcohol. Maybe Roger's turning to strong alcohol to escape from the difficulties in his life: the verses imply loneliness, regret, and pain. He's overcome with regret, because he "lock[ed] [his] dreams away," dreams of being a minstrel, gypsy, or other such adventurous and fun childhood fantasy. Now that he's an adult, he drinks to escape. "Sister Moonshine" is his only friend.

    Or, how about a completely different interpretation? Roger's simply personifying actual moonlight. That's essentially what moonlight is, a little sun in the middle of the night. Perhaps the darkness of the night symbolizes his sadness.

    Meanwhile, sunlight symbolizes childhood's innocence and imagination, "see[ing] the magic in a day." Now that he's grown, he's lost sight of his dreams, and is shrouded in permanent nighttime. He knows he can't return to childhood entirely, but still he hopes to regain a small measure of imagination and ambition by asking Sister Moonshine to send them; to give him the secret to enjoying himself; to light up the sky and his life.

    At any rate, I think this is a good song. Hopefully my post will start a discussion. Please feel free to disagree with me, or to add to my ideas.
    Star Captainon September 10, 2006   Link

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