life is full of chances
lets not take any today
better to be safe than sorry as they say
and its not what you do
its how you do it
rules arnt here for you to be exploited

55 in a one-way school-zone street
bearing down on that pedal with your feet
children run and children play
lets be careful not to lose a life today

flock of chicken on the farmers dirt road
if you gunna speed turn around and go back home
rural folk lead rural little lives
in come the city slicks and trouble arrives

here are some examples that we know quite well
friends anf family taking a spill

sara johnson sees trafic signs everywhere
when she blows right throught you can tell she doesn't care
she turned right on red and it was otherwise posted
abuse of the system will only got her busted

jayme vanout of dutch decent
playing baseball in the rain and got all wet
ignored all the signs that lightening was close
but the lightening missed her, lightening hit the post

john short hitch hiking to the show
put out a thumb got in a car there was somthing he didn't know
turns out the driver wasn't so nice after all
and 96 percent of all hitch hikers take a deadly fall

sara elis running by the tracks
train come along with that clickty clack
shoe lace gets caught on a rail road spike
close call with death but she came out alright

francis wilson with scissors in her hand
runs up stairs to get the glue stick off the bed stand
trips on her way, and takes a fall
lucky for her she wasn't hurt at all

kayla dix reachin for her pipe
grabs a match to ignite
with one deep inhale she forgets about the flame
lights the carpit on fire and who's blame

kario paraal whatever
how often do people die in lawn chairs he thinks never
as it were he could he couldn't be further from the truth
lawn chair related death are second among youth

dan hall ross walkin down south main
falling ice with cautionary signs to expain
neglects the sign and doesn't look up
i mean ice could be falling dan what the fuck

people preocupied with cancer and stds
why can't focus on the obsurities
its a dangerous threat to people of all the land
the spot light has been moved to diseases on demand

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