I'll finish all my lunch
And I'll eat all my fries
And I'll prove to you that my stomach's as big as my eyes
I'll spring for the check and walk you to my home
That's where I spend all my days, all alone
I'll show you my chair and show you my bed
And I'll show you movies that I've taped and all the books I've read
I'll show you pictures of me when I had lots of hair
And I'll tell you all the things I think of when I sit and stare
I'll tell you some of my plans and some of my schemes
And I'll tell you all about some of my dreamy little dreams
I'll tell you that my apartment is the center of the universe
It gets hot there, it's hot there now, but it's been known to get a lot worse
I'll show you paintings that I painted and tell you all about my lamp
I'll show you water damage in the corner where it gets damp
I'll put my chair in front of your chair and my feet against your feet
Then later on, maybe we'll want to go and get a bite to eat
I'll finish all my dinner
And I'll eat all my fries
And I'll prove to you that my stomach's as big as my eyes
Then after I have shown you all there is to see
I will ask you, will you marry me...
Will you marry me??

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    My InterpretationI think this whole song is a fantasy; the narrator is looking around his lonely apartment "where I spend all my days, all alone" and imagining what what it would be like to show it off to another person.

    Why not imagine an entire date, then? And really embroider the fantasy, add dinner after a lunch date to keep it going.

    And then, as long as you're imagining things that would never ever happen--like having another person over--why not go all the way and imagine that person would marry you, too?

    I think this whole album is about being incredibly lonely, and this song is the thesis statement.
    Dubious Meriton October 24, 2014   Link
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    General Commentthe version of this song on Return to Brigadoon is fabulous. ol' McAbee has a way of painting pictures of such child-like dreamery that I find so... nostalgic, almost. great song.
    Childeon December 23, 2005   Link

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