Day one I played with her blood
Day two left her face bruised and we called it making love
Day three her blood played with me
Dirty talk caught me off guard
Had to nerve to ask if I thought she was crazy

Baby you don't know where my mind has been
Fell off the bike more than twice
But it's time to ride again
This time I learned from my past falls
Old wounds may re-open soon
Burn 'em in alcohol
I heard that last call
It was a close one
Road runners
Know which direction to go when snow comes
Now we're coasting
Extra traction on radial tires
Having sex in the back wrapped in radial wires
Self abusive
Stuck in a bad place
Head full of bruises and scratched face
I've bled profusely
Stirred in my juices
So you can taste me
Put my neck in a noose
And swung to safety
Found a land mine planted in the sole of my foot
I can't find santcum in the holes of input
I keep diggin'
Covered in earth
I undress
They run tests
I leave the dirt to the experts
White coats and shiny objects
I jump their lifeboat science project
We got a floater
Guinea pig overboard
Stone sober hillbilly kid with open sores
We rip vocal chords
Tearing them out
A mutant manifesto that you'll probably never hear about
Weirded out about my wearabouts
Swears pierce my mouth
A bearded medicine man who wears a pouch
Keeps diggin' me
And I'm swimmin' uphill
I'm fightin' the tide of mudslide and blood spilled
Until I got a shirt off my back
And a girl on attack
On top
With a curled lip
The world matches our bedsheet
We shared geography now
I explore virgin territory
Squeeky seats acting as a mating call
Nothing on me but her
And didn't feel naked at all
Ever feel the need
To keep it so real you feed
Yourself into her hunger and don't care if she bleeds
Askin' all these questions
Ain't highly recommended
They'll eventually get answered
If you put time in the friendship
That is if what you're doin' is helping
And it's not like you'll know until you ah-
Reach the ending

She wanted my
Agony agony agony
In her body
(Repeat x4 then continues throughout hook)

Day one I played with her blood
Day two left her face bruised and we called it making love
Day three her blood played with me
Dirty talk caught me off guard
Had to nerve to ask if I thought she was crazy

She was crazy
I need more holes to breathe from
Went under the knife
I contemplated freedom
Put it all out on the operating table
Clutching onto rubber ducks
I played double dutch with some jumper cables
And I broke like the water
It started rushing
All of a sudden
There she was gone
I'm the fall guy
She's a sight for sore eyes
I'm in labor all night till a new day is born
Her blow brocades like high rolled dice
Her exposing one eighty when I look into her snake eyes
I'm not afraid of dying
Pieces of me die all the time
I keep digging (I keep digging)
I leave the dirt to the experts
Who push the boundaries of pleasure till the sex hurts
I hold today with a death grip
And play hard to get with tomorrow
So as not to look so fucking desperate
Face sweaty
Hands unsteady
Blood pressure off the charts
My heart hangs heavy
Untreated wounds
Through repeated moons
I seem to have developed through your needy womb
Your feeble ill cocoon
I don't breathe for many people
I don't mourn the pieces killed in you
My injection must of been lethal
Pick up the shovel love
You got some diggin' to do

Agony agony agony
(repeat x4)

She wanted my
Agony agony agony
(repeats as sage says the following:)

Day one I played with her blood
Day two left her face bruised and we called it making love
Day three her blood played with me
Dirty talk caught me off guard
Had to nerve to ask if I thought she was crazy

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Agony in Her Body song meanings
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  • +3
    General CommentHeh, I think it's about more than just sex. It sounds like it's about an abusive relationship.
    Razed19on September 22, 2006   Link
  • +1
    General CommentI think this song is about

    DubC4Lifeon June 12, 2005   Link
  • +1
    General CommentEh, yes this song is about sex but its a lot more complicated than just that. I think a lot of its about the complete loss of innocence and delving into sadism and masochism. I'm not sure but the ending has a lot of imagery surrounding childbirth and death, and the whole song has themes of cold calculated science and surgery...
    Balialon November 18, 2007   Link
  • +1
    General CommentI think it's about an abusive relationship, or at the very least, angry angry sex.
    "a girl on attack on top with a curled lip" doesn't imply just fucking.
    Anyways, its obviously unhappy -- "Pieces of me die all the time".
    freddieismyloveon July 23, 2008   Link
  • 0
    General Comment@DubC4Life: Aren't you the smart one?
    Devheadon December 22, 2005   Link
  • 0
    General CommentSuppose DubC4Life pretty much cleared this one up.
    In general Sage is quite clear and concise about what he's trying to say, doesn't leave a lot to be guessed.
    hey_jupiteron April 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentPut my neck in a noose and swung to safety
    sikdawgon June 16, 2006   Link
  • 0
    General CommentWTF this song has barely anythign to do with sex. Have you heard or read the title to the album? It's Called "A Healthy Distrust". This distrust is not about sexual relationships it's about America and it's belief systems. This song is a perfect example of his distrust to War and Politics. "Found a land mine planted In The Sole of my foot, I can't find sanctum in the holes I've been put." The land mine was War and the holes he has been put are American towns and cities, the country as a whole. If it was about "Fucking' the first cat who posted what he had to say would not be able to relate to Sage at all.
    ProFoundon December 30, 2006   Link
  • 0
    General Comment"Put my neck in a noose / And swung to safety"
    Gods, I love that line. Every time we try save ourselves, or do something to help we end up getting injured on the way.
    Afrighton June 17, 2007   Link
  • 0
    General CommentProFound, everyone has different interpretations and this is supposed to be a place for people to express them. lets not be too critical of others. i think you're right that there is a lot more to this song that fucking but there is some obvious sexual imagery in here not to mention it says the word sex once or twice.
    broccoliandcheeseon September 06, 2007   Link

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