There’s no story any more, we just get overloaded,
This alphabet soup of news outlets, fifteen minutes of shit.
So I don’t wanna talk about this, please just leave me alone,
You’re handing out the blame today, but not accepting it.

Words like “belong”, “calm” and “whisper” don’t sound suicidal to me,
You said the absurdity of dirty sex has left me wallowing in self-doubt.
So I’m being fake and you’re being fake, we’re all so fake, I hate this!
The polluted river is burning down; can you put the fire out?

A sense of utter hopelessness, almost completely defeated,
Tried to warn the government, but they’re just too conceited.

The jealous people sit on top, greener with their envy,
The proletarian miles below knocked the stuffing out!
You don’t know me!
You don’t know me!
You don’t know me at all!!!

The line shut down long ago, the track is covered with weeds,
Searching for that certain unattainable something, where do I start to look?
The mystery of what I’m missing is more enthralling than the story could ever be,
As to what secrets the absent pages hold torn from this second-hand book.

Sometimes something reaches further down inside than anything else could,
An alien abduction! I never thought of that!! A movie, mouldy and old,
Making its outdated politics and networks, and now a chance for the information generation.
Did I just misquote Warhol? Let me out, it’s getting cold!!

No matter how bad it gets, just try and stick it out, we all feel pain at times.
The light of importance just shut off! My humour’s just deflecting the pain inside!

Hi, I’m Craig, paranoid and schizophrenic!
And I didn’t start this revolution of free thought!
You don’t know me!
You don’t know me!
You don’t know me at all!!!

If an angel gave me a chance to see how the world would look if I never existed,
I wonder if I’ve touched a heart, made the slightest difference. I’ll never know.
Slow down and savour the time, as if the tide is gonna reel in as quick as it came.
Individual consciousness is like a drop of water in the sea, take the ebb and flow.

I know it’s disappointing, didn’t mean to let you down;
I’m feeling like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.
And were you born sideways? Did you learn how to rotate?
You don’t know me!
You don’t know me!
You don’t know me at all!!!
You don’t know me!
You don’t know me!
You don’t know me at all!!!

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    General CommentI've never heard this one to be honest, but lyrically it's wonderful. It's descriptive and twisted. Does anybody know if they've ever played it live? Any clues to lyric meanings?
    HorseWhispereron March 17, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think it's a cryptic, allegory of "It's a Wonderful Life", see the second to last verse which begins "If an angel gave me a chance..."
    ghmfanon May 27, 2005   Link
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    General CommentPS- Horsewhisperer, they played this live once at Newcastle Under Lyme, but it was rather a shambolic performance- funny though!! ;-)
    ghmfanon May 27, 2005   Link

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