"Wake (RSV)" as written by Wayne Hussey, Simon Thomas Hinkler, Mick Brown and Craig David Adams....
The tried and the trusted talk of plans
Master, past and present
Heartless wordplay and dreams of revenge
Living on the edge, the razor edge, living on the razor edge

One day we'll look back at this
And laugh and laugh and we'll die laughing
One day we'll look back at this and laugh

Pillar of wisdom and soul of iron
Alone, in the crumbling tower of power

All your friends are dead and buried, they died laughing
All your friends are dead and buried
My heart would bleed for you if I wasn't a victim
My heart should bleed for you

Circumstance, eternal, forever
For the love of god, it's a crying shame
For the love of god

Treasure the moments touched with joy
But the remember the moments
Tarnished and stained
For you, sunshine, for you

It's a taste of your own medicine
God's own medicine for you

Wake, wake for you
Wake for you
Wake, wake for you my precious
Wake for you

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"Wake" as written by Mick Brown Craig David Adams

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Wake (RSV) song meanings
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    General CommentThis is Wayne Hussey's attack on Sisters Of Mercy mainman Andrew Eldritch, written during the "tricky divorce" period just after Hussey and bassist Craig Adams had quit the Sisters.

    Compare and contrast "This Corrosion" by the Sisters, which is pretty much Von Eldritch's counterblast.
    Blue_Manon February 23, 2005   Link
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    General CommentBlue Man is right, but This Corrosion came first, attacking The Mission (for touring as The Sisterhood and for playing songs originally intended to be Sisters songs), to which Wake is a rebuttal.
    Hussey even alludes to This Corrosion in the lines "Heartless wordplay and dreams of revenge", commenting on the wordplay throughout This Corrosion's lyrics, as well as the spiteful nature of the song. Hussey then begins the tyrade on Eldritch, citing his cocaine use ("living on the razor's edge". Read the lyrics to find out what the Vision Thing is.), but uses the chorus to note the absurdity of their quarrel before essentially finding a few different ways to say that Andy is a pretty admirable guy in some respects (Hell, he'd have to admire him to call his band The Sisterhood, wouldn't he?), he's basically too much of an egomaniacal dick to have anybody like him as a person. He has no friends; they died laughing at him. Wayne'd feel sorry for the guy if he weren't hurt by him. It's a shame Andrew is such a jerk, and Wayne sounds like he really still cares about him a bit. Andrew having some of his own medicine is the song referencing itself in response to This Corrosion, but since Eldritch thinks he's God, he may as well have God's Own Medicine. Death cures all ailments.
    ModernDandyon August 21, 2006   Link

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