"Alphabet Soup" as written by Joseph Phillips and Philip A / Parker....
I should have known
By the arc of the empty wine glass
I should have known
'Cause you step on, don't walk over cracks

Looking over my shoulder
To see you looking back over yours
But you were paying the ferryman
Even after Chris said don't

But you're not Maud Gonne
Not Maud Gonne
No you're not Maude Gonne

You're not Maud Gonne
But then again neither was she
The only one talking now
Is my alphabet soup

I'd say you'd like children
But you couldn't eat a whole one
The only one talking now
Is my alphabet soup
And he's on a loop

I should have known
But I only caught a glimpse
I should have known
It was a beautiful

Red wine soaked glimpse
I was other peoples' children
I could always be sent home
In front of someone else's

Blue screen
For someone else's show

What's that you're saying to me
Tomato coated spaghetti?

It's gonna be OK

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"Alphabet Soup" as written by Dave Brian Geraghty Brian Patrick Crosby

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    General Commentthis is a very weird but funky song. i think its about a girl who at first seems great but when you look closely shes not really that speical...she steps on cracks instead of walking over them....little things like that
    maverick46on February 01, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWell I'm a big Bell X1 fan and I've seen them play this live a dose of times and one of those times Paul talked a bit about the song and twas written after a break up during his student days.

    There's a few cool references in this song as there is in a lot of the Bellies songs,
    "But you were paying the Ferryman, even after Chris said Don't" - refers to the Chris De Burgh song Don't Pay The Ferryman where a chap is on a ferry on a stormy night, the ferryman is looking for payment but the singer is advising the chap not to pay til he arrives at his destination, some comparisons have been made that the ferryman is a symbol for the grim reaper but I don't think thats true in this song - I cud be mistaken.
    Another one is "But you're not Maude Gonne" - Maude Gonne was the Irish poet WB Yeats muse and he thought so highly of her that he wrote many a poem and tale about her beauty. Obviously Paul's bird at the time thought she was a bit of a muse but Mr Noonan doesn't necessarily agree (Sorry love!)

    He sings a bit in this song about neglecting tell tale signs that the relationship wasn't really going anywhere, and that this lassie wasn't all she he originally thought she was. In the second verse he talks about being other peoples children, he could always be sent home. It's great being able to send other peoples kids home when ya get tired of em haha! And we all know about those blue screens where people can put on multiple effects and make things look bigger and better then they really are.

    The chorus is probably about that time just before the dissolution of a relationship where there's nothing really to be said, you both know the inevitable and are just waiting for the cahona's to call it a day but don't worry - IT'S GONNA BE OK!!
    poptart007on April 28, 2011   Link

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