there you were.
standing on broken legs. your eyes half closed- and you, in reverie.
scenes from better days flash and dim like the streetlights.
i lost this day painted, and complimented with a frame in the waters of history.
these photographs tell stories you could never.
maybe its the loss of words, or frailty of them.
day breaks like trust.
these photographs, of which ive seem to base my life upon
of rustic settings and open doors,
they can tell stories you could never.
told with a forked tongue,
on the altar you've laid your life on.
the cars passed like the names you scratched out. the amalgamation of red, green, and yellow has made you confused as whether to stop or go.
and you know
its so easy.
so easy to move foward and end thiis confusion.
you can give up.
(and have your spirit dance with the cars)
traffic, i never could find a reason why the streets
why the streets were so crowded.
and i was nothing more than the mere director
in this movie movement,
and you never saw so clearly
than you did with a broken lens.
dont waste your breath, not moving on,
never miss these movie hearts.
(obscuring points of view,
even the aperture's confined,
as it plays out your story,
time after time.
over and over again.)
but you moved on, and i followed you to a dilapidated house littered with broken glass and broken dreams.
you held the keys in your hand like a bird with broken wings. you moved along the dirty ground towards the mirror.
the reflection yields perfection.
you trace the hourglass with your finger.
in the corner there lies a locket scrawled with desires of nostalgia:
"i beleive in us. though trust lingers on lips as we kiss our enemies"
your fingers dance across the telephone as you whisper into the receiver like a secret:
"goodnight my dear, i'll see you in my sleep"

i was left alone with a bitter taste in my mouth.

and if i bleed oil, would i hold the frayed seams of this country together?
and if i bleed blood, would i be another stich in the fabric?
and if i was devoid of intelligence- would i be the needle that marries said catalysts?

but i happen to i beleive in us. though trust lingers on lips as we kiss our enemies.

Lyrics submitted by DarkerShadeofWinter

February 29th, 1996 song meanings
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