"Persuasion" as written by Chris Carter, Peter Martin Christopherson, Genesis P-orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti....
You gotta get some
You gotta get some
Look at me I touch your breast
Look at me I touch your knees
And I persuade you
Like always I persuade you
Like always I persuade you
Look at me I touch your head
I say the words and you got to bed
My sister and my mother
My father and my son
Do everthing I want them to
With persuasion
One lot of persuasion
Like always persuasion
Now there's lots of ways to persuade you
I could do it with money
I could look at you
I could show you all that
You might as well do it anyway
You might as well choose to play the game
After all you've seen yourself before
What difference does it make if I take your photograph?
What difference does it make if someone else sees it too?
All your friends do it
I mean nobody will know it's you
Anybody, it could be any body
I mean, these magazines, you know.
They only go to middle aged men
So why don't you do as I suggest
I persuade you
With words I persuade you
I've got a little biscuit tin
To keep your panties in
Soilde panties, white panties, school panties, why-Front
By the canal, by the canal
And I persuade you
Look at me
Look at me
There's a certain word and a certain touch
A certain way and a way too much
There's a little bit here
And a little bit there
When you've done it all it's too late to care
Oh I persuade you
Like always I persuade you
Look in my eye
Under your covers
I touch you
And tell you what to do
Do it because I tell you
Do it because I love you
And I persuade you

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"Persuasion" as written by Cosey Fanni Tutti Chris Carter

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    General CommentI can't think of any song that disturbs me more than this one. A lot of it is how generally sparse the band makes the soundscape (common throughout this album, but especially on this track), with such large gaps between the repeating bass notes. Of course, this makes the other sonic elements stand out, and those sampled screams and wailing guitar fragments are certainly disconcerting, but it really is Genesis' vocal performance and lyrics that make the song.

    The casual tone, the softness that sometimes approaches a whisper, the constant "you"s - everything becomes so intimate that it's easy to be...taken in, manipulated, persuaded by his words, but never enough that we like it. It always maintains that proper tension, simultaneously producing a picture of a situation both uncanny and frightening as well as almost everyday. We all feel like victims here, listening to these words amidst this creeping music - I'd presume.

    And so it's imminently relatable.

    And we just have to hope that, even in some small way, we aren't behaving like Genesis' narrator.
    noodly_detrituson September 08, 2008   Link
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    General CommentRape?

    I think it's about rape.

    Throbbing Gristle kicks ass.
    D4MVPon June 15, 2006   Link
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    General CommentNo it's not about rape, it's about... Persuasion!

    Sleazy was interested in how people could be persuaded to do things they didn't want to do. So before a gig he told P-Orridge to sing about persuasion, and this was the result. It's about a man who persuades his partner to take a picture for a porn magazine. Kind of obvious.
    Another_Planeton March 13, 2007   Link

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