"An Incarnation's Dream" as written by Kelly Shaefer, Steve Flynn and Roger Patterson/ Rand Burkey....
It all seems so strange
The mutes the bums
The dogs with mange, the poor,
Doesn't anybody help themselves anymore
I guess not
Barefoot pregnant women
Little kids with snot on their face
A land of plenty, a dynasty of disgrace !
I'll manifest for you
Careening on the outer limits of reality
My mission to create a better galaxy
I must not fail them now,
I look inside to see that it's clear
Living life is just not enough
You must persevere
Please grab hold
Not to things that are bought
But to things that cannot be sold,
Then you'll see
You're released by trial and error
The world's prophecy is to learn
A candle lit from the bottom
Will soon start to burn
Don't dignify, a false spy in the sky
Re-route your path
With the blink of an eye

Walking around with a mind of your own
With a glance to the past
You can see we have grown
How much we have grown

It's been my dream
To enter the stream
To let carnates know
What life really means
If one understands
That's all I can ask
Life to you
Is such a wretched task

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"An Incarnation's Dream" as written by Rand Burkey Kelly R. Shaefer

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An Incarnation's Dream song meanings
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    General CommentI think this song is about how materialism and religion reroutes your life through a wasted and misguided path. The beginning talks about how there are just so many people who just simply live life, but don't enjoy. They don't care about themselves.

    The middle section asks you to not be materialistic, but to care about what's important in life. Then it goes on to tell you stop worshipping something you cannot see (God), stop wasting your life in a leap of blind faith (borrowed that line from Slayer). Instead, turn that around and apply that respect to yourself. Life YOUR life, instead of appeasing a god, and basing life on money.. hence the last line "Life to you is such a wretched task!"

    Also, I think the line "A candle lit from the bottom will soon start to burn", is a metaphor, that you suffer because you live life the opposite of how you should be living.
    SpilltheBloodon August 27, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHmm...SpilltheBlood, I read and considered your comment. It does make sense to me, for the most part, and I somewhat agree with you. I'm not sure if I will simply be rephrasing what you have suggested, so, if you are interested, please tell me whether or not I am.
    I believe this song is a message of how the society of man that is run by greed, gluttony and sin (most everything foul to be seen) has corrupted the simple natures of living one's own life. No one knows how to take care of themselves, they rely on higher powers to take care of them. Even dogs have forgotten how to live without the help of something stronger, and it is all the fault of everything being taken for granted. The world's prophecy is to learn, and yet most do not.
    havana4saleon August 24, 2008   Link

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