"Montana" as written by and Gustavo Alfredo Santaolalla....
I might be movin' to Montana soon
Just to raise me up a crop of Dental Floss Raisin' it up
Waxen it down
In a little white box
I can sell uptown
By myself I wouldn't
Have no boss,
But I'd be raisin' my lonely Dental Floss
Raisin' my lonely Dental Floss
Well I just might grow me some bees
But I'd leave the sweet stuff
For somebody else...
but then, on the other hand
I'd Keep the wax N' melt it down
Pluck some Floss N' swish it aroun'
I'd have me a crop
An' it'd be on top

(that's why I'M movin' to Montana)

Movin' to Montana soon
Gonna be a Dental Floss tycoon
(yes I am)
Movin' to Montana soon
Gonna be a mennil-toss flykune
I'm pluckin' the ol' Dennil Floss
That's growin' on the prairie
Pluckin' the floss!
I plucked all day an' all night an' all Afternoon...
I'm ridin' a small tiny hoss
(His name is MIGHTY LITTLE)
He's a good hoss
Even though He's a bit dinky to strap a big saddle or
Blanket on anyway
He's a bit dinky to strap a big saddle or
Blanket on anyway
Any way I'm pluckin' the ol' Dennil Floss
Even if you think it is a little silly, folks
I don't care if you think it's silly, folks
I don't care if you think it's silly, folks
I'm gonna find me a horse
Just about this big
An' ride him all along the border line
With a Pair of heavy-duty
Zircon-encrusted tweezers in my hand
Every other wrangler would say
I was mighty grand
By myself I wouldn't
Have no boss
But I'd be raisin' my lonely Dental Floss
Raisin' my lonely Dental Floss
Raisin' my lonely Dental Floss
Well I might Ride along the border
With my tweezers gleamin'
In the moon-lighty night
And then I'd Get a cuppa cawfee
N' give my foot a push...
Just me 'n the pymgy pony
Over the Dennil Floss Bush
N' then I might just Jumb back on
An' ride Like a cowboy
Into the dawn to Montana
Movin' to Montana soon


Movin' to Montana soon

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"Montana" as written by Gustavo Alfredo Santaolalla

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    General Commentwe all know zappa is the man but i just wanna tell y'all a little story about this song. i was walking through the airport in atlanta with this song fresh on my mind and as i strolled down the terminal humming the tune as i pass strangers i sing the line..movin to montana soon...and i guy walking next to me goes..gonna be a dental floss tycoon. man, it was the greatest thing ever.
    nanukrbsiton September 12, 2006   Link
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    General CommentGreat song - up to Frank's usual standard.

    Not sure if this is commonly known, but the really fast singing which starts "I'm pluckin' the ol'Dennil Floss : That's growin' on the prairie..." etc is actually sung by Tina Turner. Well, The Ikettes to be entirely correct, but apparently Tina was the only one who got the vocals right! Ike hated the song!

    dogendon November 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOk you devious little curiosity seekers who want a peep into the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen, I challenge you to comprehend the true meaning of this song. It's about Frank's separation from his father. Unfortunately it's too involved to extrapolate here. Basically, FZ left home (moving to a place of enchantment - Montana) for a carrer in music that so many considered bizarre (raising lonely dental floss - why lonely?), so he could control his own destiny (by myself I wouldn't have no boss).
    It's far deeper, as are many of FZ's works, and I apologize for offering such a short explanation.

    Take A Toke On Me,
    BlueCheer420on September 09, 2018   Link
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    General CommentEpic!
    MardyAsson August 03, 2005   Link
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    General CommentOh, and that vocal/xylofon bit is whack! But it seems like they slowed up/down the bit to get the right pitch
    MardyAsson August 03, 2005   Link
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    MemoryFZ: "I wanted to put some back-up singers on the thing, and the road manager who was with us at the time checked into it and said, 'well, why don't you just use the Ikettes?' I said, ''I can get the Ikettes?'' and he said ''Sure''.....We had to agree, Ike Turner insisted, that we pay these girls no more than $25 per song, because that's what he paid them. And no matter how many hours it took, I could not pay them any more than $25 per song per girl, including Tina. ....
    klemenon March 03, 2014   Link
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    General Commentyo this is confusing. Montana was written by Frank Zappa not "Gustavo Alfredo Santaolalla" wts that ^^spoze to mean? ..i see this on another site where it also (to confuse matters more) states this song is from "You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore" well that's true there is a live rendition of it but it's originally from "Over Night Sensation"
    cansongon March 08, 2016   Link

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