Walking along beneath the lights of that miracle mile
Me and Mary making our way into the night
You can hear the cries from the carnival rides, the pinball
Bells, and the skee ball signs
Watching the summer sun fall out of sight

There's a warm wind coming in from off of the ocean
Making it's way past the hotel walls to fill the street
Mary is holding both of her shoes in her hand
Said she likes to feel the sand beneath her feet

And in the morning I'm leaving, making my way back to Cleveland
So tonight I hope that I will do just fine
And I don't see how you could ever be
Anything but mine

There's a local band playing at the seaside pavilion
And I got just enough cash to get us in
And as we are dancing, Mary's wrapping her arms around me

And I can feel the sting of summer on my skin

In the midst of the music
I tell her I love her
And we both laugh, cause we know it isn't true
Oh, but Mary, there's a summer drawing to an end tonight
And there's so much that I long to do to you

But in the morning I'm leaving, making my way back to Cleveland
So tonight I hope that I will do just fine
And I don't see how you could ever be
Anything but mine

And in the morning I'm leaving, making my way back to Cleveland
So tonight I hope that I will do just fine
And I don't see how you could ever be
Anything but mine

Mary, I don't see how you could ever be
Anything but mine

In the morning I'm leaving, making my way back to Cleveland
So tonight I hope that I will do just fine
Hey, I don't see how you could ever be
Anything but mine

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Anything But Mine Lyrics as written by Scooter Carusoe

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    General Commentok these comments about fucking her before he leaves just ruined this whole song for me. I think hes saying he doesn't want to forget this girl and he can't see any other man having her but him. This is a really sweet song that some of these people have just ruined.
    k-mac 2228on November 07, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt's not just about him wanting to bang before he leaves, he's talking about a summer romance. He met a girl over summer vacation, and he doesn't want to forget her after the vacation is done. "So tonight I hope that I will do just fine" is him saying how he knows this could be the last time he ever sees this girl, a girl he had true feelings for but has to leave to get back to his life elsewhere. "I don't see how you could ever be anything but mine" - He will always have feelings for this girl, knowing that she may be "the one who got away".
    frostmyflakes31on February 20, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of those self delusional songs or one that has potential for a court order. Great song. I've never been to Cleveland. Miracle Miles aren't strictly adherent to Myrtle Beach urban zoning.
    jumpy73on November 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWhen he says that he loves her and they laugh b/c they know it isnt true, i think its referring to summer love, because they prob just met, so they both its not really love, they just want to think it is.
    J E N N Aon January 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think that this song is about a summer romance (even though it could apply to any situation), and the boy is going to Cleveland either for school, job, etc. Regardless of why he's going, he's leaving this girl behind. He obviously has feelings for her and doesn't want to leave, which is why he can't see her as "anything but mine." While they are listening to the local band, everything feels right, and he tells her he loves her. Then he laughs, but I imagine it to be an awkward/forced laugh that he uses to cover up his true feelings for her. The video is beautiful, and seeing Kenny play this last night in Chicago was amazing. The video shows that the boy writes this song as a goodbye for the girl, which she receives the next morning after he has left. Just a beautiful song that so many can relate to.
    drummer_girl803on June 23, 2008   Link
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    General Commentgosh, you guys all make it sound like he's just a crazy teenage guy looking for a girl to bang. he's really in love with her, and the reason they 'both laugh, cuz we know it isnt true' is that theyre trying not to make things worse when he has to leave. its really sweet, and i love the video. it reminds me of this guy from florida...perfect summer romance song!
    lauraloulouon August 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis is about a summer romance of two young people who met at the beach. It's such a coincidence to me because I had a summer romance with a guy that I met at the beach and he was from Cleveland. I think when he says "I don't see how you could ever be anything but mine", he is expressing how perfect they are together and how he feels like they are destined to meet again one day.
    kelseyp07on July 17, 2015   Link
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    Song MeaningMy favorite Kenny Chesney song. I love the way the lyrics and the melody blend together. Like they were meant for each other and are inseparable. And so descriptive. Anyway here is the meaning according to Clint Eastwood.

    The key to this is that Mary's got a boyfriend already and it's not him. How are all you people missing this? So he and Mary have become really close friends (and maybe lovers but I think not) and would be a real couple except for her boyfriend (fiancée?). He and Mary are probably the same age and the boyfriend is older (sound familiar?) and she can't leave the boyfriend because he probably has a job and real prospects or whatever.

    When he says "So tonight I hope that I will do just fine" he is hoping that he can be the same friend they have been in the short time they have been together.

    But it sucks because he really, really wants her and he can't see her being with the real boyfriend.

    Great song!
    ClintEastwoodon October 18, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI remember when I just started loving music, it was country. Now, I can barely listen to the stuff, it's mostly corny, unoriginal bullshit.

    But the nostalgia is just SO intoxicating and it kind of makes me cry when I hear songs like these. Cause I was young and didn't think about anything but music and my friends. And now I think about too much. I didn't care about money, worry about my mom, I didn't come home from school every day miserable. I remember listening to this song in the car with my mom.

    I used to love Gretchen Wilson :) (still kind of do but don't tell anyone)

    Now, I love Radiohead, Nirvana, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and the Smashing Pumpkins. Just like my life, my music tastes have completely changed.
    Aquarius121on March 27, 2011   Link
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    General CommentLove this song. It reminds me of how when my relationship started it was a long distance one. I lived in Southern California and he lived eight hours away in my hometown in Northern California. Granted, that's not the longest distance ever, and saw each other about once a month, and eventually were able to move closer together and stay together, but it was hard spending time together and then having to watch him leave or having to be the one to leave, especially in the beginning of the relationship because we weren't sure where it was going at first due to the distance.

    You can interpret so much about this song, which is kinda the point of good songs, it makes you think and there are probably no "right" answers (I don't know, ask Kenny, or whoever it was who wrote the actual song!). But this is what I think:

    I think he's spent the summer (or maybe even less than that) with a girl and he has to return home and this is his last night with her. He does want to have sex with her before he leaves ("there's so much I want to do to you" and "Tonight I hope I will do just fine" are quotes that seriously indicate that), but it is clear he really cares about her so while he wants to have sex with her, I believe one of the reasons is that he really wants to leave her with a good impression with her, which is why he hopes he will do just fine.

    It does bother me when it says "In the midst of the music I tell her I love her but we both laugh cause we know it isn't true." But what I think it means is that they haven't spent enough time together to know if it is really "love," and they know they can't be together at the moment due to him having to go back to Cleveland, so "love" really isn't even a possibility at that point in time. I also think that telling her he loves her would create a heavy mood, and it seems like they are just trying to enjoy their last night together and have fun and not allow things to feel too serious or sad, although it seems he is very sad and trying to hide it. I think the music brought out an honest feeling out of him, so he says he loves her, but then they laugh because it was unexpected and with him leaving the next day, there's no point in saying it. He doesn't really know where things are going right now, so there is a lot of confusion. With him saying "I don't see how you could ever be anything but mine," alludes to the fact that there is a possibility he will see her again, or that they've made some sort of future plans, but he isn't 100 percent sure there will be a follow through.

    Or maybe he was doing the typical guy-thing and telling he loves her so he can get laid, but cares about her too much to lie to her, so he laughs after... either way, he is being really honest with her which shows that he does have deep feelings.

    I think the line "I hope I will do just fine," simply means he wants to leave a good impression on her or perhaps he is losing his virginity. It seems like a young romance.

    Someone suggested that Mary has a boyfriend and that he's just her friend, so that's why he says "I don't see how you could ever be anything but mine." There's no mention of another guy in the picture, but who knows. I think he just can't picture her with anybody else or himself with anybody else.

    I think "I don't see how you could ever be anything but mine" means that he can't picture her with anyone else, so he thinks that fate will somehow bring them back together again. It's like he has faith that they have found such a great connection that he trusts they will be able to connect again and I think him wanting to take their relationship to the physical level is part of that faith that they will somehow see each other again.

    He believes what they have found is not easily replaceable and he can't picture anyone else entering the picture, so he is hopeful he will really get to see her again.
    giveme1lastkisson March 10, 2012   Link

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