Nine o'clock flight from Hawaii
The Trident is just touching down
We're waiting here on the tarmac
McGarrett is wearing a frown
He's here to help with a problem
A blood-spattered curse on our land
Please cast your eye over this map, sir
This business is quite out of hand
The circus of death is approaching
Its pathway is painted in red
Before it the frightened and helpless
Behind it a trail of the dead
The narcotic that forges their union
Is a substance known only to one
To the clown it is known as Dominion
It's a secret that he'll give to none
The drug which gives the clown power
Means the circus can never be stopped
And his dream can go on unhindered
Till the last human being has dropped
Spare me and my family
I've done you no wrong
Go away, please let us be
I've known you for too long

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Circus of Death Lyrics as written by Oakey Marsh


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Circus of Death song meanings
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    My Opinion
    Fu Manchu/Nayland Smith. Wo Fat/MacGarrett. Early electronica wasn't beyond styling creepy for its own sake. --Hear Rickey's Hand, Down in the Park. My opinion, this soundtrack is just a cool romp through global menace/dream of doom territory.
    LoneSloaneon December 30, 2015   Link
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    My Interpretation
    It could be a metaphor for capitalism.
    kurayami10on May 07, 2017   Link
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    General Comment
    For those who are confused, there is a spoken intro on some versions : "This is a song called "The Circus of Death". It tells the true story of a circus we met. The first two verses concern the actual arrival at Heathrow Airport of Commissioner Steve McGarrett. The third emotionally describes a map showing the range of the circus. The fourth and fifth were extracted from an article in The Guardian of March the 19th, 1962. The last is a short wave radio message from the last man on Earth." Despite some considering, the spoken intro does actually talk about the various verses of the song. The first verse does indeed detail the arriving of the band with McGarret, while the second verse talks about a mental map of the circus itself. The fourth and fifth article were most likely taken from an article in 'The Guardian' dated Marth 19th, 1962. While I can't really access the article because of Issues, there does indeed exist an article from the papers on that day: I doubt if it includes the actual verses, but said paper could give some hints if anyone is able to access it. The last Man on Earth, as the final part of the intro suggests, was originally a 30 minute instrumental (Which was probably based off of "After Cease to Exist", a similar 20 minute instrumental by Throbbing Gristle) that was later included on the Band's "Golden Hour of the Future" Album released decades later after the original line-up split up. So, this particular segment might be referencing that particular instrumental. The actual verses on this part are probably indicated of someone being a 'last man', but this is vague in itself as said verse mentions a family. All in all, it's very hard to figure out what they were trying to state with this piece. My best guess is that one of the band members (Phil?) was interested in Hawaii Five-O and wanted to write a fanfiction about him and the band uncovering a Death Circus. Other than that, the only thing uncovered is the guardian article.
    BigChungus001on February 12, 2019   Link
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    General Comment
    This song is awesome, doesn't make much sense.. but I guess: "This is a song called the Circus Of Death It tells the true story of a circus we met The first two verses concern the actual arrival at Heathrow Airport of Commissioner Steve McGarrett The third emotionally describes a map showing the range of the circus The fourth and fifth were extracted from an article in the Guardian of March the 19th, 1962 The last is a short wave radio message from the last man on Earth"
    DJgifon September 13, 2009   Link
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    My Interpretation
    This could also describe the Cirque du Freak. In one of the chapters of the second story "The Vampire's Assistant", Darren notes that it is a revolting, disgusting circus of death.
    seeingon January 11, 2015   Link
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    My Interpretation
    Vegans and vegetarians might think all circuses with animal acts are circuses of death if the masters are abusive and if violence erupts at a show there.
    seeingon January 11, 2015   Link
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    General Comment
    Perhaps the problem, the narcotic spoken of, is the trade in human adrenochrome? Perhaps vampirism isn\'t just fiction and the circus is this industry, the trading of an extract from human blood. Very dark territory. A navy seal McGarrett might have knowledge of this. Secrets of an evil elite and transhumanism agenda? Perhaps
    Rosaliemccon December 17, 2021   Link

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