"The End Of A Fraud" as written by Ben Jorgensen, Anthony Diionno, Peter James Decicco and Nash Breen....
I'm leaving again
For the second time around
You better believe
That this was all just a joke to me
And as I look down on them
I repeat these words in my head
They never heard one sound out of my mouth
They never heard one sound
It's all pretty clear
But when I left you all stayed the same
Now I think I believe
That I was never alive in the first place

They never heard one sound out of my mouth
They never heard one sound out of my mouth
They never heard one sound out of my mouth
They never heard what I said

Don't believe that the weather is perfect the day that you die
Don't believe that the weather is perfect the day that you die
Don't believe that the weather is perfect the day that you die
Don't believe that the weather is perfect the day that you die
Don't believe that the weather is perfect the day that you die
Don't believe that the weather is perfect the day that you die

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"The End of a Fraud" as written by Ben Jorgensen Anthony Diionno

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The End Of A Fraud song meanings
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    General Commentthe end of this song is amazing, when he starts in on the verse from "The Truth About Heaven" with the high pitched vox... wow what a great finalle to an amazing album. Feb. 22nd go get this cd!
    Triceratops113on January 30, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis is an amazing finish to an amazing cd...the way that each song is tied together with one another in this cd to tell its story is awesome...from the start of the album in Car Underwater where hes "dying" i interpreted it as him giving up on a love that he has and leaving it behind because he feels that he just bothers her too much...and burdens and brings her down...so he thinks it would be much better to just abandon it then continue to trouble her...he would do anything for her to make her happy...and since he only bothers her..he might as well kill off his ties with her...in The Truth About heaven he realizes that he cant go on with just abandoning everything and realizes how awfull everything can be when you leave it all behind...things dont end up better when you give up...everything is miserable when you cant be with the one you love...even heaven...in Remember to Feel Real he discusses the way that he always tried to act differently in order to be a freind of everyone and to please everybody and even showoff...but by doing that he created his own disguise for himself and its hard for him to determine what was really meaningfull and true to him when hes not even true to himself...but he does know that he cares about this girl...thats all he wants..in Awkward Last Words he feels the regret and resentment of leaving his relationship behind...so he decides to try and get it back...he says that hes gonna change everything about the way he was and make things finally work out...hes gonna be true to himself and prove to the her that he can be himself and thats all he wants is to start everything over...the same deal is pretty much happening in Stay on the Ground...he feels the regret of leaving and realizes he cant be happy and optimistic when he cant stay with this girl...he lies to himself and says hell be able to move on and just look out for himself...but he realizes thats a lie and knows that all he wants is this girl..hes sick of not feeling "alive"..in Quick Little Flight hes attempting to start things over with this girl...he wonders if she notices at all..if she cares...if she "can see him at all"...again in The More You Talk the Less I Hear he is trying to get back together with her and hes doing his best...everything is bogging him down...friends, conscience...everything..all he knows is that he needs to be with her...he needs to be "alive" again...he continues to "haunt" her in Basement Ghost Singing...and hes just trying his hardest to make things work...he thinks that hes getting through to the girl in "i thought i heard you come out for more"...but he knows thats crazy...shes moving on and forgetting about him...hes losing a lot of confidence in himself and hes pretty much done for...in Walking At Night, Alone hes kind of reminiscing about how things used to be...and how great they should have been...but hes hearing about all the new things in the girls life and how she is moving on and he cant stand to believe that...he wishes that she would just stay with him...but thats unlikely at this point..hes been alone once already...and he cant stand to go back to feeling like that...in I Was Right All Along he begins to cope with his loss..."you cant turn off that youre dead, you just deal with it"..thats all he can do now is realize that hes done...and move on...he also realizes that he didnt leave much of a mark on this girls life...that he was insignificant..even after coming to realize this...he still believes that he was meant for her...that he could have been so well off with her if he was true to himself and her from the start...but its too late for that...and now in The End of a Fraud hes finally giving up for good..."leaving for a second time"...again he realizes his insignificance and that he didnt have much of an effect on her life...upon learning this he also learns that he never meant anything to her in the first place...that he was never "alive"....again he notes that leaving everything behind or "dying" will not solve all of your problems....sorry for all the rambling...
    two 0 twoon March 05, 2005   Link
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    General Commenthey...awesome summary of the cd...good job!
    JTrain12on March 30, 2005   Link
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    General Commenttwo 0 two... that summary made me cry! probably because my (ex) boyfriend is feeling the same way as the guy from AFS was. so i'm hoping that what you said about "Remember to feel Real" and "Awkward last words" come true for me in my situation. and i hope i dont end up heart broken again.

    but anyways, i used to think that only the appleseed cast had albums that told a story so deep, but youve proven me wrong. you've made me love AFS more than ever.

    thank you so much for posting your interpretation of the new album.
    gribbleton March 30, 2005   Link
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    General Commentwell this is just how i interpreted the whole album(a little more literal than two 0 two)
    CAR UNDERWATER--he drives his car into the water, wanting to die, because the girl "left and abnadoned him"--but as he is sitting in the sinking car he realizes that he didnt tell her that he was dying becuase he loved her

    TRUTH ABOUT HEAVEN--this i thought might have been a dream he had when he blacked out, or just as hes sitting in the car waiting to die- he realizes he still wont be happy when he is dead becuase the girl wont be with him

    REMEMBER TO FEEL REAL--he looks back on his life and realizes the girl was right about all his problems and he wants to change his ways for her in the afterlife

    AWKWARD LAST WORDS--this is where the guy actually dies in the car ("were out of time and i cant breathe") his last thoughts are that he needs to change his ways so that, in the next life, he will not push the girl "so far away from me"

    STAY ON THE GROUND--in this song hes talking about how he started thinking of ways to change for her, but becomes pissed off when he realizes that the girl is not going to kill herself for him and that he has about 50 years of waiting until she dies and joins him

    QUICK LITTLE FLIGHT--hes now a ghost and and he "flys" to her house, but is sad when he realizes that she cant even see him

    THE MORE YOU TALK--im not quite sure how this ties into the story, but he is obviously pissed off at the girl, maybe for not caring and worrying about him enough when they were together ("youve seen me, do i look okay to you?") and for the fact that he did so much for her and she did little in return

    BASEMENT GHOST--so the guy retreats to her basement, jsut to be close to her, praying that she'll know hes down there

    WALKING AT NIGHT ALONE--hes picturing what it would be like to be with her again ("i get to hear your voice again") i noticed some connection between car underwaters "i didnt care that you left and abandoned me" and walking at nights "tell me all about your new friends" the guy is obviously so desperate for her that he is interested in her telling him about things she did to hurt him

    I HAVE BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG--he finally realizes he never meant that much to the girl, and starts to wish he wouldnt have killed herself for her, but he still believes she is his only love

    END OF A FRAUD--the ghost leaves the girls home, trying to convince himself to not ever think about her again ("you better believe this was all a joke to me")

    the album ends in with the line "dont believe that the weather is perfect the day that you die" which i think sums up the whole album. the line basically means jsut becuase you do something extreme, it will not solve all your problems--the guy killed himself for the girl and still she didnt love him back
    MySensesHavFailed35on April 14, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis song reminds of "staying alive" as a closer to cursive's "the ugly organ" anyone else feel me on that?
    i am parker lewison July 08, 2005   Link
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    General CommentCAR UNDERWATER-- He decides to kill himself because his love isn't mutual *SHE NEVER LOVED HIM... keep that in mind*... It just hurts him more that he can't stop loving her... He drives his car into the water... but as he realizes what he is doing he remembers that he didn't tell her all this wasn't her fault... he would rather her forget him completely than hurt her for a second...

    TRUTH ABOUT HEAVEN-- As he is sitting in the car waiting to die, he comes to the realization that he STILL won't be happy even if he goes to Heaven... so he makes his mind up to "trade forever" for her... in other words... become a "ghost"... He says that it doesn't get any better after death...

    REMEMBER TO FEEL REAL-- This one hits me the hardest right now... some fo the lyrics are exactly what I feel like... He changes himself for everyone and he's tired of it. He just wants her, and he would wait forever if she would only stick with him right now. She doesn't have to do anything... There is nothing for him here but her, so in the afterlife he will wait...

    AWKWARD LAST WORDS-- He actually dies in this one... He makes his mind up to come back as a "ghost"... And this time he will do things right. He realizes that by killing himself all he has done is push her away... but it's too late now. He decides that while he waits for her he will fix everything that she didn't like about him.

    STAY ON THE GROUND-- he's getting tired of waiting... he has nothing to hang on to where he is... nothing to keep his "head up"... She's not there so he has nothing to care about... He can't wait "50 years" more... he needs her now... *still living under the misconception that he can make her love him*

    QUICK LITTLE FLIGHT-- He dreams about leaving wherever he is... he can't be without her. He imagines himself flying over waving people... He's at her house looking through the window at her and her friends... wondering if it worked at all, or if this is just more of his imagination playing tricks on him...

    THE MORE YOU TALK THE LESS I HEAR-- He's pissed off that he's dead, but if she's pleased it won't matter at all... People are trying to figure out why he did it, but it doesn't matter to him anymore... nothing matters except finding out if she approves of what he did for her... it's so hard to get to where she is, but he is determined... The heavens are falling down around him and he is just turning his back on it all, just for her. If he could only see her now...

    BASEMENT GHOST SINGING-- He's "haunting" her, in the basement so he won't be in the way... He's trying to keep busy... sings to her, praying that she only knows he's there. He almost convinces himself that he hears her say his name, then dismisses the idea... He loses hope... He decides to stop trying...

    WALKING AT NIGHT ALONE-- He's silent, just walking with her. Following her to be with her. He tries to pretend that she knows he's there... begging that they stay like this... He can't stand being alone anymore. If she would just talk to him... about anything... just PLEASE believe that he is there... When he can't pretend anymore, he doesn't feel alive...

    I HAVE BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG-- He HAS to tell her he is there. He is starting to realize that she never loved him, and never will... but he wants her to know what he did for her... Whatever happens, he just has to tell her, even though she won't believe him. He sees that he didn't make as much of an impact on her life as she did on his... but he still feels like he was made for her... He's mad. He tried to tell her, to make her believe... and make her "deal with it" like he has to "deal" with being dead... but he still can't get through...

    END OF A FRAUD-- He decides to leave again... She never loved him like he did her... she'll never know he's there... she wouldn't leave Heaven for him even if she did... He tries to convince himself he didn't really care either... He remembers his dream... remembers all the people waving... realizes that they never knew he was there at all... Life went on for everyone after he was gone... no one changed... so he believes that he never mattered at all... He repeats a line from Truth About Heaven... "don't believe that the weather is perfect the day that you die..." which sums up the entire thing...
    Beverleighon October 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentOne word:
    Up my spine. God, its amazing.
    bleedthecoloursopenon March 09, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti completely agree.
    and tears
    the end is so moving and i just love it

    its the perfect ending to a perfect album
    sorry to sound so gushing haha
    harlequinxgirlon March 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentMy quick summary. Everyone has there interpretation, and this is mine. Even if
    you ask what was really meant by this entire album you probably won't get a
    honest answer, cause it's really personal.

    Car Underwater-
    Man loves girl, a close friend.. she doesn't feel the same way. She has
    become a huge influence on him, but as much as he tries he can't have her.
    Not really killing himself, he commits social suicide with this girl,
    killing the friendship. "Believe the news, I'm gone for good.
    Call off the search, no one will know that im down here
    Believe the note i left for you
    You can't turn back the clocks, you can't pull me up from here ever if you try"
    He's saying it's over and he can't take the emotions he's dealing with. I think
    "In a car underwater with time to kill" represents his feelings of him thinking
    about all the positives and negatives of the friendships.

    Truth About Heaven-
    I think he gets a letter back from her, asking why it has to be the way it has
    become. "I traded forever to just hear you say the sound of my name" he goes back
    to tell her how much it hurts not having her apart of his life regardless of the
    situation. "Don’t believe that its better when you leave everything behind,
    Don’t believe that the weather is perfect the day that you die," She maybe mad
    and think that he doesn't care for her, but he tells her that he's miserable.

    Remember To Feel Real-
    Personally I think she's mad at him, and he's lashing out. She may think he's
    not worth it so she sets out to forget him. And he going between knowing that
    he would do anything for her, but is starting to realize that what he want's
    in the friendship isn't there. But she want's to forget him, and as much as he
    feels the same, he wishes that things would be going different, and this would
    make her understand how much she means to him.

    Awkward Last words-
    I wanna live again
    I wanna start everything over again
    I wanna get this right
    I'll meet you in another life
    Over again
    I'm coming back around again
    Coming back over again
    I'm coming back around again,
    But now it's over

    He spends his all his time thinking of her, and he hates it. He wishes he could
    be where he was before he met her. Normal and not in the emotional state

    he's come to.
    I'm gonna make this work
    I'm gonna change everything wrong with me
    I'm gonna prove you wrong
    When I meet you in another life
    Over again
    I'm coming back around again
    Coming back over again
    I'm coming back around again,
    But now it's over

    He thinks that if he starts over, and gives her time.. and let
    things settle down for a while that someday he could finally get her attention
    and love, the way he wants it to be.
    Personally my favorite song on the cd.

    Stay on the Ground-
    It's all about him, and what his new life is about without her. Looking out
    for himself to get over her. Trying to convince himself that he doesnt need her.
    Best line in this song, "i'm dreaming less and sleeping more
    but-i'll sell my soul for the dream you stole" I think he's saying that now he
    actually in reality sleep at night because he's not always thinking of her.
    But! he would do anything to have her still. After the reformation he's overcome.

    I have been right all along-
    Wow, this song is pretty powerful for not having much to it. It could go either
    way, what I think is that he's realizing that what they had together is always
    going to be a part of her, and what they meant to each other before what happened
    to their friendship, is going to be someone what of an influence in her life
    whether he's there or not.

    A quick Little Fight-
    I think he's going back to what thinking of what things between them used to be
    like, almost wanting to have what he had, rather than nothing at all.

    Walking At Night, Alone-
    I think this is meant, it is in reality about a conversation between them, maybe
    a phone call, that he wasn't expecting. He may really want tell her what he feels
    still but he doesn't. Which leads to the next song.

    The More you Talk The Less I hear-
    I think he's having some hardcore emotional feelings in this song, I think he
    may believe that she's coming around, and can't decide wether he should go to
    see her or keep up what he's doing. He really want's to see her, but can't do
    it. "trying to keep, trying to keep away from you
    there's strangers up ahead, holding up a knife" I think it's his common sense
    that for once is trying to protect his heart.

    The End Of Fraud-
    I’m leaving again
    For the second time alright
    You better believe
    That this was all just a joke to me
    He decides that he won't go back to her. And with the amazing ending, I think
    it's trying to state that this time it's her loss, and she's the one regretting

    Amazing ending. That girl done messed up, (if this is based on actual events)
    which personally I think is the case.
    mitchkohleyon April 01, 2006   Link

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