punk rock band touring the usa
stopping along the american highway
roll into the truckstop cuz i gotta take a leak
everybodys staring like i'm some kind of freak
fuck all this attention
i think i'll try to sneak
into the ladies room
without getting caught

excuse me, sir?
over by the stall?
um, wrong bathroom,
mens is down the hall

so i pull up my shirt
to prove i'm the right gender
but the looks they're giving me
are anything but tender.
what's your problem?
i aint got a member
fine, i'll go into the boys room
but it really fucking stinks.
whats with your aim boy,
you trying to hit the tank?
your tomcat spray
by men is so rank
so for you i left a present:
put a tampon on the sink

yeah my hair's pink, i'm the missing link, you don't have a missing link bathroom!

uh, are you a girl?
your titties are kinda small..
i'm still confused..
the mens is down the hall!

is that a he or a she
is that a him or a her
oh excuse me ma'am -uh, sir?
am i supposed to feel ashamed
cuz you're confused
cuz i don't fit in your box you loser
i'm gonna have a bladder burst
while you ponder gender!

excuse me sir!
over by the stall!
wrong fucking bathroom!
the mens is down the hall!

poor, tired, pathetic but cute
trying to limit me with your dichotomy
simple minds built two kinds
and i'm number three
you and rush don't know shit about me
so let me pee
or give me my free
condoms in every bathroom

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Wrong Bathroom song meanings
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    General CommentThis song is cool, I totally relate it's happened to me one time too many, I haven't left any surprises in the sink yet but
    mare8on June 13, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti think that its mean how people are all like asggoegnsdgnklsdng!!

    like, you should be able to go to whatever bathroom you like.

    except those freaks who rape young girls.

    it would be confusing which bathroom to go to.
    placeboheartson June 13, 2007   Link

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