First off
Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to say wouldn't it be nice at all.
But because of this imperfect ball is full of imperfect humanness
I'm about to have a brawl with this little phrase
Persuin it's ruin.
Wouldn't it be nice. . . . . . .
If my brother didn't have to go to war.
Sure he is in the Navy, traveling to foreign shores
But I'm talking about the battle waged at home
Recently divorced with a two year old
With wounds that don't heal and never show a love
cultivated to grow like a rose, now only having thorns to mow.

Wouldn't it be nice. .
If my brother could look me in the face
When I almost died, he seemed a little displaced
But every other time, he cringes at the sound of my name
He calls me a revolutionary
i call him brainwashed
Wouldn't it be nice if there was no seniority
to brain wash the majority
causing revolution in the minority
Wouldn't it be nice
If humanness stopped making excuses for being so flippin stupid
Using God as a right to KILL???????
Using color ass a definition of soul?????
Using drugs to keep the past still,
Using gender as a role???
Using money as a fill,
Using love like a ho!!
Using just to fit the bill
Still, the will is at its end
My friends
My God. . we just don't know
Wouldn't it be nice
If human's just did what was right
But then again, we really wouldn't have a reason to be here tonight
I'd have nothing to write
The pessimist that I am
Everything would be just fine
So i guess all i have to say at this time
Wouldn't it be nice. . if ya'll liked my rhymes??

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