Now they're planning the crime of the century
Well what will it be?
Read all about their schemes and adventuring
It's well worth a fee
So roll up and see
And they rape the universe
How they've gone from bad to worse
Who are these men of lust, greed, and glory?
Rip off the masks and let see
But that's no right oh no, what's the story?
But there's you and there's me
That can't be right

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Crime Of The Century Lyrics as written by Roger Hodgson Richard Davies

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    My InterpretationSeeing as how the album itself, Crime of the Century, is a concept album, all the songs together tells one whole story. It tells about Rudy not liking the school system, wanting to change, but when he doesn't get any help or understanding from others so he "hides in his shell", leaving the rest of the world behind him more and more and finally goes completely crazy - madness overpowers.

    The song, Crime of the Century, IMO, is a summary or what the effects of these persons leave behind and how their story is told. I'd say that the term Crime of the Century means the crime on humanity, played out by corporations and sometimes the governments. And although they are to take the blame, we the people are left to pay the fee. That when Rudy decides that the schooling system is bad he's told to shut up. So instead, be ends up seeking understanding from those on the other side of the fence, and although they agree, they believes he should stop moaning about it.

    Can you see my point? People who aren't pleased with something are shot down, told to be quite, and in the end, driven to insanity, by the big corporations and/or governments. That is, the Crime of the Century.

    Although this song was written in the 70s it still applies today. I'm from Sweden, and every day I read about our right wing parties dividing the people in rich and poor, lending a hand to those who have it all while they kick on those who really need the help. Supertramp knew it then, and we, I, live it now.
    LidoTRKon December 12, 2011   Link
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    General CommentMy thoughts are that we are so blinkered by the crimes that inspire the headlines necessary to sell newspapers, that we fail to notice that there are much greater crimes being committed against society and the environment by "these men of lust, greed, and glory" - multinationals and the governments that serve and protect them. However, it is the last four lines that are most powerful - while us ordinary people are willing to vote for these governments, purchase the products of these multinationals, and believe what we hear in the media, then surely the responsibility for these "crimes" rests with us. Of course, this assumes that we have the luxury of choice, which sadly is becoming decreasingly the case.
    EvolutionBeanFeaston October 01, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI love that fact that this is a serious topic in a song and they can go into a 4 min keyboad solo. Great song.
    kfe2on February 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI believe this song is meant as a reminder that though we want to put criminals in a spotlight, everyone has their flaws. At daytime we are friendly fathers and cheerful mothers, but at night, we can be child molesters or alcoholics. We aren't holy. Though I like EvolutionBeanFeast's theory as well. And to end, I think this is one of the best songs ever made.
    dreamer85on September 23, 2006   Link
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    General Commentbloody amazing song. yeah it's pretty much what everyone else has said, but...I love the song. it's so powerful and perfect and amazing and everything.
    thepuppydog26on March 18, 2006   Link
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    General CommentEvolutionBeanFeast, i had to thank you for your comments. I always felt this song had condemned me for something's that iam for certain accused of. But today you just pointed out a meaning for me that i will take with me tomorrow on my way to work and every other day. For iam working in one of the biggest multinationals companies and always felt this sense of lust for greed and glory written on the faces i meet in there. But i couldn't complain iam one of them. Now you have given me a complete new insight to the song iam grateful for that it had touched the very foundation of the business iam working in, and its all so damm true. only let them "rip off the masks" and then we will all see..
    shadowspeedon April 15, 2006   Link
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    General CommentCrime of the Century! You will understand what this means when you see "Last Paradise".
    The demons of this world that we see in the newspapers and put at the centre of those "conspiracy theories" are in fact agents working on our own behalf. Those wars in the Middle East, those "corrupt" oil companies, they are working for us - so we can drive our kids in RVs to school instead of walking them. Those "corrupt property developers" who ruined Bali and the Gold Coast, they did it because we demanded lavish creature comforts and high street shopping when we went on vacation, instead of being content with what the locals wanted. To pull off the mask you must see the big picture we must relive the century as it really was - thats why we made Last Paradise Film for those who may ask how did it all happen, where is it going and what will turn it around.
    LastParadisFilmon April 19, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningThis song is about how its ethically accepted and promoted for people to hand money to the media (a company making money of these crimes), to read about crimes committed at the highest level, industrial, economical global, political (making money at the expense of peoples lives). After these company's Fall on there own frodulent sord during there quest for evermore lust greed and glory, The men that head the company's, never seem to enter the picture portrayed by the media. They escape with millions of dollars or jump to next scheme before anyone knows. The company's held at fault. Human responsability is not even contimplated. These CEOs are saved as they are wraped in bureaucracy. Crimes are commited yet we the people do not have the right to know who are these exceedingly rich people pulling the fiscal strings in the shadows of the CEOs.

    This band was well before its time...
    also it cost 125million dollars to run for American president.....and it pays 400grand a year.......CEOs rule America the President is either one, or a puppet.
    CAFAon April 22, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this song, like many lyrics, leave some of the meaning up to the listener. They may be about the various types of criminals, small time and big time (corporate, government), and how all of us are responsible in some way for allowing it, or each of us has committed some type of offense. It is a concept album about crime and society, but I do not think that all the songs are about "Rudy", or that they are that closely linked to one narrative.
    AlanCRossion July 27, 2012   Link
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    Song MeaningI believe it's not a concept album as Roger and Rick always wrote separately. Rick sang the songs he wrote and the same applies to Roger. I belive Rick was speaking about the powers that run the planet ( illuminati, skull n bones, free mason's and other secret societies. He speaks about the biggest crime they have in the works for humanity, population reduction of the earth via wars,diseases, and food shortages. God bless Rick and prayers as he is in hospital with what is reported to be cancer. November 2016.
    paul101540on November 04, 2016   Link

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