You're floating gliding over thin air
You feel the wind trying its best to clutch you
To make you part of its whim
But you're higher than that now you're happy
The ground is but a faded memory
The birds are your equal
Other people will never know never feel the joy you feel now
The sun is warmer the sky is more your home
Than even the house you reside in
It's harder to see the ground now but you don't care
The clouds are your new ground
You stand on them like gods do like legends

You're flying the birds are beneath you
You're escalating to a place few have ever dreamt of before
And now the atmosphere of the planet is your ground
The earth is no more than a faded memory
The heavens are yours the sun wraps its arms around you
You embrace the glowing star
But your journey isn't over yet

You're free you now walk on the cosmos
Every step is birth to a new universe
Gods have never felt the joy you now feel
Never felt the glorious surge of emotion
You are beyond the limitations of your body now
You're a spirit a memory of your old self
Everything in existence is but a mere memory
A fairy tale of the life you embraced before your quest
Others will share stories of your flight
The universe is no more
You are a joyous wondrous being that no mere words can describe
Only motion and song and art and love can describe you now

You are infinity you're beyond mere comprehension
But don't fret you're almost there
And even though you are beyond anything anyone has ever imagined
In their most fanciful dreams
You can see others like you
Gliding along the boarders of reality
They're warm and loving and comfort you
You are their family and they are yours
Smiles at each other are like rays of hope and desire
It's all right it'll be okay
Embrace your friends your family
They'll understand they are here for you as you are for them
Words can neither describe them or you or how you feel
Only tears of joy can
Now open yourself and live

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