mommy says i need to lose some weight
and all the kids in school have nothing for me but hate
is it really cuz im so overweight
or is it because i choose my own fate?
mcdonalds and burger king are my favorite things
along with indulgences
once you get to exercising im nothing but a fat fucking fat ass
its really qutie a sad story
to see a young boy so fat so horny
everyone comes to me and their like
"jacob lose some weight"
and i just say
"im okay iwht my body fat"
275 pounds at 10 years old
and i swear i have some mold
in my inner thighs were i cry at night
i just lay my head there and cry.
im getting really depressed laely
i wonder if it would hurt if i could get rid of this fat body
i could tear away my tits and stomach flab
for soemthing better like moses
so i take one last look at the ground
they all look like ants
well im pretty fucking hungry
so heres to my uncles and aunts
i love you but i wanted honey,
but you gave me nothign but cream
so goodbye world you crushed my dreams
jacob's falling
(this is jacob's choice)
he hits the ground...
hes falling at 200 miles an hour im rushing to the ground from inside the sears tower

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