When you're in a ditch
Life can be a bitch
Cut yourself a niche
or make yourself a sandwhich
The man from Japan
Joined the Chan Clan
I crashed my kattamaran
Damn that harmattan

Baby, come on and get your freak on
we'll drop into the party like a doodoo in a porta john
well drop it like its hot, you like it in the pot,
we both getting crazy like a potshottatertot
yeah we both getting crazy
eyes getting hazy
these drinks do not phase me your my african daisy
move dem hips and the girls say wow
come on baby you're the cat's MEOW
Dynamic doubleton loose on the prowl
Open your eyes like a screech owl
dirty on the dance floor
hot and creamy like a smore
we got the lyrical score
like a hardcore troubador
freak nasty like a baboon
sheriff in a saloon
creature from the white lagoon
a spork tycoon
what is all this hullabaloo!?
I say what and a cow says MOO!!

w h a m double o
dont fuck with me cause I know tai bo
Fairfax duo world renowned
with the lyrical skills that are simply profound
cant go in public without a camera in sight
spitting out rhymes faster than the speed of light
pass that joint and let me take a puff
I like it like a dog and a dog says RUFF
What you gonna do when the table turns
spittin so fast you gonna get burned
runnin with the bulls
I push but don't pull
I eat when I'm full
I always wear wool
Listen to the jargin
no point in arguin
I'm in the room with my lady and you just barge in
why you hatin on me just cause i like shaq?
I am not insane but I am a QUACK!
The storm's abrewin, I can smell it in the air
Listen landlubbers, its time to prepare
The Captain's a pirate, you better beware
I saw him give me the shifty one-eyed stare
The Harmattan is on the way
crashed our kattamaran, he's gonna pay
the pirate knew the whole damn day
We're in a situation worse than pompeii

Now We're safe, the journey has ended
we landed on an island and the natives we befriended
there are beasts with claws and humps and rabies
but atleast we have the big black baby
it's not so bad, atleast we're alive
we could be dead or even have bad hives
there are killer beasts that number in fives!
Whatever man, I could dig this jive

Whamoo! island; nation of elation
the newest creation of emancipation
you don't need to work or have an occupation
Just chill and have fun, feel the sensation
the approximation of the intoxication
will be a manipulation of the population
from croations to hatians to good vibrations
no one can resist the salvation temptation

Whamoo! yabba dabba doo

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