You’ve got me baited
the hook's in my mouth
but I don’t want to let you know

you see, I fall so slowly like leaves in the air
it's tearing me to bitter end
I guess there’s no way to make love
and not break our hearts

And you're fueled on failure
The mistakes we've made
and regrets we've saved
have all scarred
too deep to heal your wounds

It’s strange how it goes
when nobody knows you’re not alive
I guess there’s no way to make love
and not break our hearts

What could feel
Someway you feel so...
Open your eyes
And see...
we're falling asleep

Lyrics submitted by thenightopus, edited by SeraphimFalls

Why We Cry At Movies song meanings
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    General CommentOn this site i normally think the song with the most comments is probably the best, i doesnt work that way - this song is amazin and im the first comment!!
    Motionon March 20, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song IS amazing.
    wokeupinacaron May 11, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"I guess there’s no way to make love
    and not break our hearts"

    my perpetual paradox--anyone agree?
    telephonecupson December 27, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOne of my fav songs of all time. Sounds like a relationship on the rocks maybe?
    thecoldparton June 08, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis is their best song, as well as Acrobat. About the masochistic side of love I think- there's always one who's dominant, the other submissive.
    Or unrequited love.
    harriboon June 10, 2007   Link
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    General Commentamen to it all.
    shesnotasecreton September 04, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthe last few lines there... do they go something like this?

    what could feel
    Yet, some how you feel so, oh
    better than this
    Then soon
    We're falling asleep
    AMonet27on May 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is perfect.
    The lyrics, the way he sings it, everything... It all makes it such a great song.
    catxmeowon February 28, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationI've got this narrative in my head about this album as a whole, I like to think of it as a late-20's-early-30's dude who's the "Other guy" in an affair.

    Break Blossom - Dealing with his own loneliness and depression.

    96 Heartbeats - Observing as a friend's marriage/relationship slowly becomes more hollow, and how he feels left out of it all.

    Silhouettes - He's begun to form slight feelings for his friend's wife, and is trying to suppress them.

    The Carousel - He's heard her express her own dislike with her marriage, and he relates them two to his own parents, their divorce, and how love sometimes just doesn't last. Obviously, he's still going through his own depression and reflections of his failed relationships are evident.

    Acrobat - A moment alone. She's fed up with her marriage, while he's coming to realize that he feels strongly for her. I think this song is more of him trying to make her feel better, that despite being ignored by her husband, she's still beautiful.

    Why We Cry at the Movies - He knows now how he feels, and I think she's gathered it too by this point. They grow closer.

    If I'm Not Out Burning - The affair has begun. They both know that what they're doing is wrong, but can't ignore their feelings.

    My Glowing Morning Dreams - Despite being lyric-less, this is the most important song in the story to me. The song begins with him waking next to her, taking her in, and going about his morning with her still in bed. She wakes up and they talk about what they are, and it slowly dawns on him through their conversation that while he thinks he loves her, to her, this is just a fun exciting thing on the side, and that she doesn't love him, she loves the thrill of it. They fight it out a bit, then she leaves him feeling betrayed, which brings us to...

    A Ghost in Drag - Now he's pissed. He feels hurt and used. The song's about the difference between what he thought was happening versus what was actually happening in -her- mind.

    Blowing Out a Wish - After the anger dies down, he's left back where he was when he started. Love doesn't last, people aren't honest, and he's alone again. He's maybe even feeling worse than when he started.

    Goodnight, Noises Everywhere - As the story comes to a close, he finds himself awake still as the sun rises. He can hear his roommates downstairs milling around as they begin to wake up, talking and laughing. He thinks of the other people in his life, and how this was just a chapter in his overall story. He's sad, but it won't last, so long as he has his friends and family. He's sleepin' with his own pack of wolves here, and they've all got him through thick and thin. He falls asleep to the sounds of the city waking up outside.
    SeraphimFallson March 08, 2015   Link

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