"Guts" as written by and J.b. Shelley A. Bourge....
You've got me living in sin
You've got me breaking my heart
You've got me out on a limb
And I am falling apart
The sun is burning my face
My insides running a race
I need somebody with soul
You are my life and my goal
I need your love, love

I want somebody who's good
I need somebody who's right
I need a lover who will
Not a lover who might
I wanna love you again
And then again and again
I'm gonna empty you out
I wanna be with you now
I want your love, love

Love, love me yes
Yeah you'd better love me
You'd better love me yes
Yeah love, you'd better love me

Love, love me yes
Yeah you'd better love me
Lord you've gotta help me
Love me yeah, you love me yes
Lord, you love me yeah

You've got me living in sin
You know what to do
You've got me out on a limb
I feel it coming in two

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"Guts" as written by J.b. Shelley A. Bourge

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    General CommentSo begins the first album of the most underrated rock band of all time, Budgie.

    You gotta love the 'descending blizzard' that is the main riff and the song contains wonderfully twisted, ironic lyrics. They seem to be from the perspective of a lonely, desperate person who is incapable of seeing his own arrogance and cruelness towards the opposite sex.

    The first half displays the sheer desperation of this character, the longing for someone to love, and the second his abusive mind. If he actually finds a lover it'll be so he can string her out emotionally and physically and use her for his own selfish gains. This makes the song highly ironic and full of pity. Also evident is a need to have power over someone else, to be the boss 'I wanna love you again, and then again and again'. It's like the other person will have no choice.

    This person has no 'guts' and is not a good guy, but you feel bad for him.
    mrpieeateron November 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe best thing about this song is that nobody knows it. Nobody except rock scribes and the original members of Black Sabbath. The chromatic descending riff is top notch stuff. Criminally underrated band. But once again, a great obscure band for true elitists. The song is also a little more than just a sexual paen. Quite twisted really. If you’re reading this, you should be happy you found this song.
    boredmemberon September 16, 2014   Link

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