Monday - my day of rest
Tuesday - I do my best
Wednesday - I wander round the town

Thursday - I get depressed
Friday - my hair's a mess
But then the weekend comes around

Yeah, I'll borrow ten bucks and go out drinking
There's a party going on and I've been thinking
We'll grab a case of beer and go down there and see what it's all about
Gonna get myself wiped out

Then Julie phoned and this is what she said

She said ain't had a holiday in the past five years
Working my fingers to the bone
Forget that grease and grime, for now it's party time
Come and leave that nine to five alone

Yeah, I'll borrow a car, we'll go out speedin'
There's a party going on and I've been needin'
Have a drink and talk with you to see what you're all about
Come and get yourself wiped out

Five days a week in the workforce is just enough to drive anyone mad
But stick with me Julie baby
It's more fun being poor than sad

(Gotta get in, gotta get out and lose some skin)

Yeah, borrow ten buck...
Party going on...
Drink some beer...
And see what it's all about

Gonna get myself
Gonna get myself
Gonna get myself wiped out

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Just listening for the 784,654th time....and it's just perfect in every way. Just incredible. The only reason it was remade was to scoop up a boatload of money from a more modern and accepting audience. But it is a completely different song than the other one that sounds slapped together in a few takes without a thought for the meaning. This song captivates me still, after 50+ years. Takes me to the deep South and the poverty of some who lived thru truly hard times. And the powerful spirit of a poor young girl being abandoned to her future with only a red dress and her wits to keep her alive. She not only stayed alive, she turned her hard beginnings around, became self sufficient, successful and someone with respect for herself. She didn't let the naysayers and judgers stop her. She's the one sitting in the drivers seat at the end. So, not a song about a poor girl, but a song of hope and how you can rise up no matter how far down you started. There is a huge difference between a singer who simply belts out a song that is on a page in front of them, and someone who can convey an entire experience with their voice. Telling not just a story with words, but taking you inside it and making you feel like you are there, with their interpretation.