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In This Day And Age song meanings
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    General CommentTo me this song seems very political, atleast in the first four fifths of it. Obviously the song is about 9/11 and the stereotyping of the middle east. The last bit of the song is an attempt to make a difference, to stop people from downloading music off of the Internet.
    Again I music say to you puppet_master_72, there are some words that shouldn't be in here, and some that you haven't put in.
    Midnight_Beingon March 16, 2005   Link
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    General Commentnobodys stopping you form editing the lyrics i post

    all the lyrics ive posted are done by ear so its not freaking easy
    puppet_master_72on March 18, 2005   Link
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    General Commentgood song good meaning. i agree there is some things missing. but thanks for posting them up. and its not always easy to ladd lyrics just by listing to them..and sometihng s are just sound rily hard for you to have missed them.. but thans anyway

    this ong meanging to me that.. stareotyping.. liek ppl look at "muslums" and think "oh my god hes going to kill my baby" and leave. o give him dirty looks when in reality. he could be more trust wurthy than your best friend.. and how everyone dos the same thing.. "white" people have done some stupid thihngs like althlets doing staroides.. and how eventchaly people forget about the stars of today. like, look at a bigtime acter now.. and in about 20 years try to remember who that acter was.. chances are you would have forgot about them. (there have been exceptions)and becuze everyone downloads music everyone starts to beleave that music is free when inturn downlaoding music is only used to prevew songs so you go out and buy the cds, and go to concerts. a and now days the goverment is makeing everythign so expensive that people not buying tickets to go to concerts is a problem for bands becuz the bands need money to lvie to make more music. so thatcreats a biger problem.. its a strong meaning towords stareo typing.. but its about how the world basicly sucks now...
    thats my thouts thanks for listining.
    bfmv-wolfe-bfmvon February 08, 2007   Link
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    General Commentfucking good don't worry dude I understand it is hard to pick up some of their words
    Lovoon January 09, 2008   Link
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    Lyric Correction(Some random Persian sentence I can't decipher)
    Let me introduce myself, my name's Yassim
    Been a Muslim my whole life and I ain't ever met no terrorist
    Why would I watch TV? They always try to embarrass us
    9/11 was disastrous, fuck those devil advocates
    My religion is peace, love and happiness
    The shock and awe being televised for free
    Cause' bright lights and dead bodies make for great TV
    The world is panickin', Mr. Bush is mad again
    And watchin' them bombs drop makes me sick to my abdomen
    What doesn't kill you can only make you strong
    Then I feel like I'm carrying the weight of the world with one arm
    While bombs are being dropped from planes, media affects our brains
    Remember it's innocent children being slain, and I'm feelin' the pain and the bloodshed
    How many more will end up dead?
    My brother Mohamed can't get through customs,
    Harassed and spit upon, the price for being Muslim
    Fuck your sympathy don't look at my differently, don't repeat history or its hate

    (Chorus) x2
    Dooset daram, azizam
    Dooset daram, azade
    (Persian for "I love you sweetheart, I love you freedom."

    In this day and age, is rage and life destruction
    Liposuction and breast implants,
    Like a Hollywood star with her lips and chest enhanced
    Its just plastic surgery for the less advanced
    White lies faith on religion sex in churches
    Politicians sniffing white lines behind closed curtains
    Overpaid athletes stick steroids in ass cheeks
    Million dollar salaries depend on players' stat sheets
    The young and homeless live amongst the trash heaps
    Last week's losers forgotten, dead, stiff and rotten
    Like the corpse of Andy Koffman
    They say peace sells, but whose buying? (I say SEX sells)

    In these days and times, and the public loves it
    They can't get enough of it, think anything else is rubbish
    MP3s and burnt CDs, leads us to believe that music is now free
    The industry is in a panic, major labels running frantic
    The world's best mechanic couldn't fix it
    Empty seats means kids can't afford a ticket
    And it's a problem like teenage love without a condom


    Azade, freedom... (x3)
    Drakenkorinon December 22, 2010   Link

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