"So Here We Are" as written by and Kele/lissack Okereke....
I caught a glimpse, but it's been forgotten
So here we are again

I made a vow, to carry you home, home

I really tried to do what you wanted
It all went wrong again

I made a vow, to carry you home
If you fall sick, if you pass out

I figured it out

I can see again

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"So Here We Are" as written by Kele Okereke Gordon Moakes

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    General CommentI love this song, it's simply great!

    Even if you take away the lyrics and listen to this song just as an instrumental it's still so mesmerizing.. I don't know what it is, but the song has a pure sense of strength about it.. If you know what I mean.
    dommyon July 04, 2012   Link
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    General CommentOk, before looking at the other comments, I am going to put what it means to be so I can think of it with a clear head and no one else's influence on me if that makes sense...so sorry if I repeat stuff!

    "I caught a glimpse/But it's been forgotten/So here we are/Again" - That tells me that it is about a relationship. It is as relationships go...they argue and things aren't always perfect. So this person catches a glimpse of what they can do to make the relationship perfect, but it was only a glimpse so they forget it and because this person doesn't know what to do, they are in the same mess...all over again; he has forgotten what he is meant to do.

    "I made a vow/To carry you home" - the fact that 'vow' is used suggests to me they could be married [but they may not be]. It is almost as if he is remembering the vows he made that he will be there forever despite everything so he now needs to decide what he is going to do because he must...as he has made a vow. [With me so far?]

    "I really tried/To be what you wanted/It all went wrong/Again" - So, he tries really hard to be what she wants but it is perhaps not what she wants so it goes wrong...again. Simple.

    "I made a vow/To carry you home/If you feel sick/If you pass out" - He feels like giving up at this point because it is as if he cannot do anything right...but he thinks of the vows and this reminds him he has to keep trying.

    "I figured it out//I can see it again" - He carries on trying and he is rewarded because he figures out how to make it all better, the glimpse comes back to him and he knows what he has to do.

    Ok, that is my ideas. My interpretation. Not necessarily right, but how I read it.
    [na]tashaon August 24, 2007   Link
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    General CommentKele Okereke, the lead singer, said at a concert that "the song is about getting stoned in the park."
    Fwiffoon August 14, 2012   Link
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    General CommentKele also said that it's a song about drinking and sitting in a field.
    -ali-on March 30, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is amazing. It relates to my life perfectly right now.. which is a good and bad thing.

    I think the song is about loving someone so much, that even though you may not build a relationship between eachother, you will always love them and kind of look out for them, and be a sort of.. guardian angel for them and help them whenever you can.
    MattTongIsGodon April 27, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningI think this song may be about his relationship to his Roman Catholic parents (or just one of them). As most people here now, Kele is homosexual, which does not accord with the General Catholic thought.

    I am not yet sure about "I caught a glimpse but it's been forgotten" and "So here we are again", but I have some ideas which I will post later maybe.

    "I made a vow, to carry you home" as well as "If you fall sick, if you passed out" may express Kele's love to his father (I think he means him) even though they have many differences in their views how life (or something else) should be.

    "I really tried to do what you wanted / It all went wrong again" might mean that Kele tried to please his father by trying not to be as he is and oppressing his real feelings. Of course, he fails in doing this.

    I think that the end of this song is either super-ironic or I didn't get the song at all:
    "I figured it out / I can see again"

    "I figured it out" is an alteration for "I understand it now". He understood that being gay is "wrong" (according to the Catholic church). "I can see again" is another alteration for the same thing, but it has a reference to the bible (that part where Jesus heals that blind guy), so this made me understanding the whole song in the way I just explained.
    The last two lines are pure irony, because of course he didn't figure out that his homosexuality ("blindness" in the sense of an illness) is not wrong. The Kele which his father wanted would have done it.
    Deepabysmon August 20, 2012   Link
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    General Commentgreat song.
    i rockon January 02, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti love bloc party, they are gonna be huge in 2005 i can feel it. this song woke me up on my radio alarm the other day and i spent the rest off the day feeling really giddy, and having an urge to go to an underground indie concert. cute guys too.
    lidzon January 13, 2005   Link
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    General CommentTo me this song is about a failed relationship but you still can't escape from the other person as you love them so much. Seeing them everywhere and helping them out whenever they need it, even though they might not do the same back.
    And try as you might to say that you've left it behind the same things keep happening over and over again.
    "I caught a glimpse
    But it's been forgotten "
    i think this is to do with seeing what a good relationship with that person would be like but knowing in reality it will never be that way.
    arizona_nighton January 15, 2005   Link
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    General Commentit's really sweet, yea, these guys are growing on me
    Mortonium Iceon January 16, 2005   Link

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