drill in your face.
wasted life,
what that means to me.
separate your thoughts.
i could show you sometime.
with all your words
you could not paralyze.
this is not what mesmerizes me.
why don't i have more focus?
defined by what's around.
systematically speaking,
i'd like to fuck you up.
california's not far enough.
can't you see what
this means to me?
you discard it away.

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    My InterpretationMy interpretation is that this is about family or friend disapproval of the band and maybe the music he is playing.

    “Drill in your face.” Maybe something is being drilled into his head and it’s just another way to say it.

    “Waste life, what that means to me” they are saying he is wasting his life away in a band.

    “Separate your thoughts. I could show you sometime.” This is him saying put your thoughts aside I could show you what this band really is for me.

    “With all your words you could not paralyze.” Whatever they say about his choice they could not stop him.

    “This is not what mesmerizes me.” Maybe the band isn’t what mesmerizes him away from a “regular life” it something else within it, his writing.

    “Why don't i have more focus?” Seems as if someone is asking him why he doesn’t have more focus, in life, in the job search, in school. Who knows?
    “Defined by what's around.” They are defining him by the people he is surrounded by which from the outside seems like a violent sect of music.

    “Systematically speaking, I’d like to fuck you up.” Kind of a funny line in the song, irony that he may be being told he needs to be more systematic in life and he turns around and uses their words in saying he wants to hurt them.

    “California’s not far enough.” These people maybe live in Cali and OBW is from Mass so he is saying that the other side of the country isn’t far enough away. He wants them farther away.

    “Can’t you see what this means to me?” He is asking them if they can see what this band or something means to him.

    “You discard it away.” This ends the song with a harsh note and reality that they don’t care what it means to him.
    clon3on January 29, 2013   Link

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