Empty a clip to ease my pain.
I have this hate for everything.
I’ll clinch my fist if you insist.
Show you every reason I exist.
So what, so what the fuck you want?
Apologies up front?
Yeah right we fight to let it out, blow.
I want it right now revengence is a must.
I’m about to bust well that’s fucking tough.
I see you blow me off I’ve had e-fucking-nough
Of this pain and this bullshit
Cuz that’s just what it is
I’m getting fucking pissed
Nothin ever seems to go my way never, ever, ever, ever
I’d rather sit and suffer than accept these games you play
Stuck I feel as though I’m fucked
Shit out of fucking luck
But I guess I’ll deal with it fine whatever, nevermind
You must be fucking blind if you can’t see it’s killing me!

Everybody from the front to back
Get in the pit and show me where you’re at
Where the fuck you at?
Right here right here

Everybody come and follow me.
To a place inside that sets you free.
Our chance to escape from reality
Fantasy now come and bleed with me.
Please just shut your fucking face
It’s just a fucking phase.
Go away give me some space.
Go you need to go home
Leave me the fuck alone
I can’t deal with your shit!
Whatever, nevermind!
You must be fucking blind if you can’t see it’s killing me!


Is there any place that’s fit for me?
Anywhere that we can go?
It seems that they have taken everything
Sacrifice the ones who stood alone.
We can’t let them get away with this
No we can’t let this go.
Cuz right now it’s time for punishment.
And I know I’m not alone
You got my back!


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    General CommentI love this song :D it was funny, at the concert everyone sang the "right here right here" parts.


    ok, that wasn't funny in any conceivable way. But anyways, this song is pretty good, it has soft parts, lots of hard parts.
    TalkShowOnMuteon July 28, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI absolutely love this song. The beginning "1...2...1,2,1,2,3,4!!!" is a flat-out awesome way to start extreme anger songs such as this. The first 4 lines are just plain awesome, I'm having a hard time explaining why I like them so much. The blind fury that follows throughout most of the song is just amazing. I can just FEEL the hate, although the singer's voice (whoever that may be) seems a little too high. When he says "NOTHING EVER GOES MY WAY NEVER, EVER EVER EVER" is so simple yet so meaningful to me. Life tends to sink it's teeth into my brain as well. The only parts I don't enjoy is the "It's killing meee!!". It seems very out of place. The chorus also seems a little odd as well. The soft verse that appears after the second chorus doesn't fit with the song either.

    To me, the song is about some person having to deal with this pathetic idiot who is sort of depressed, but she doesn't want help. The he has had a LOT more shit in his life and trying his best to deal with it, but the woman is doing her best to be a pain in the ass, and he knows she can just take a pill and shut up, but she refuses because she thinks drugs don't help. I'm talking from experience. I'm that man. And she's that woman. That's just how I view it, but I personally think this song can have A MILLION different meanings.
    HeavyFromThePainon August 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAwesome song.
    I love how fast it is =]
    stagnateon September 15, 2008   Link

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