I wish that I'd arrived a little sooner
You really should have called we'd have come here right away
You tried to help yourself but you got it wrong

You've thrown yourself
Into the flames 'cause you're covered in cold
But these are your friends
They give out a nice warm glow

You've tried so hard to see for yourself
Your perspective is wrong
These are your friends
Let them come guide you on

Listen now - now's the time to listen
There're lessons to be learned
I've seen this before in my own life
You feel covered up, removed from the world around you
With all your senses dulled you'd do anything to feel
You tried to help yourself, but you got it wrong

You've thrown yourself
Into the flames 'cause you're covered in cold
But these are your friends
They give out a nice warm glow

What have you done? You're cutting your cord
You're floating in space
But these are your friends
They'll be your star-map home

Everybody needs some help sometimes

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"These Are Your Friends" as written by Adem Sadi Ilhan

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    General CommentFor a few years now ive been constructing a mental list of all the songs that i think have the greatest one (or two, or three) liners in the lyrics, and this is probably number one:

    What have you done? You're cutting your cord
    You're floating in space. But these are your friends,
    They'll be your star-map home

    The imagery is positively incredible.

    You may be right slavetothawage, however, in that context, the next line (they'll be your starmap home) doesnt really make much sense. i interpreted it differently;

    I think its simply a metaphor dealing with astronauts, comparing it with friendship. see, when youre in space (outside of any protective shuttle or capsule in only your suit), you have a cord that keeps you attached to whatever it is that you wish to be attached to (the shuttle and whatnot). so what have you done? youre cutting that cord (which symbolizes friendship), now youre just floating in space, separated from that ground.
    But your friends are there regardless of what youve done to the friendship, and they'll be the starmap to guide you back to the ground, becuase everybody makes mistakes, and EVERYBODY needs some help sometimes.
    blame_monsteron November 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI THINK this song is about a person that commited suicide. Obviously this person had friends, and one of the friends is Adem. This person felt alone and incongruent with his/her environment and didnt ask for any kind of help from them. I really think Adem is angry that he wasnt there to help even though he probably never saw any signs of suicidal tendencies. "You've thrown yourself
    Into the flames 'cause you're covered in cold." this line is refering to heaven and hell as metaphors. because in Christianity, if you take your own life you are supposedly going to hell. "What have you done? You're cutting your cord
    You're floating in space." this line signifies that the person has actually commited suicide. the beginning part is obvious "what have you done?" meaning, why did you take your life. the floating in space is even more obvious; meaning who knows if you will reach heaven or hell(christianity). I COULD BE WRONG.
    slavetothawageon December 23, 2005   Link
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    General Commentit seems more congruous to look at this as a song written for someone right after a suicide ATTEMPT rather than an actual suicide. the lyrics are in the present tense - "listen now - now's the time to listen". he's offering alternative solutions in the same metaphorical terms (i.e. astronaut/star-map). if the person was dead, this wouldn't make sense.

    and i actually don't think it has to do with heaven and hell at all. the flames/cold metaphors seem to have more to do with someone who is depressed, suicidal, and detached ("cold") going to self-destructive extremes rather than asking for help and getting something more moderate and comforting - a "nice warm glow". people in these circumstances often feel that they're a burden on their friends. this song personifies a caring friend trying to contradict that belief:

    "everybody needs some help sometimes."
    rachrollon April 05, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about a person who feels alone and lost in the world. But really all they need to do is turn to one of their better friends' for help.
    musikisfunon February 09, 2005   Link
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    General Commentyou lot are reading to far into it, i met adem backstage after a fridge gig and this song is about your friends always being there no matter what happens, everybody needs some help sometimes.... its pretty self explanatory
    folkeydokeyon September 03, 2008   Link
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    General Commentme now
    selfishisgorgeouson November 29, 2007   Link

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