It's an odd alliance
It's another light I say

What alone tonight
Even if my eyes
Even have some time
Bet it all tonight

Listen I have been banging away
Even if you had a sight

It's mad enough tonight
And forests have never grown
It's another light
And I can never have mine

It's not mine
It's not mine
Instead I hide

I've been here for my friends
I never know if I said
Watching out for me
When I can love you
Have your way

And she might as well know I
Seem more high
I said minerals will make the world
If we did not have chemicals
You would not be writing my death certificate

Biting is my friend
My dog left me a sand send
One more day than I can plan
Ends safe from you
Biting ass a lie friend
When I will never have a friend
Biting silent as a man
His silence setting up around

And she improvised
And she was supervised
I was a rised
Or arosed
Or a rose
Or a rose
Or aroused
And fine
Fine line
When I
Said night time
When I
Could never kind
And I

My milk is your shit
My milk is your shit
It's hard and boiled
And sour all again
My milk is your shit

It revolves
It evolves
Cause it's biting out what would

My milk is your shit
My milk is piss
Don't you love that I can bite

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Other Improv [Previously Unreleased Track; Demo Version] Lyrics as written by Kurt Cobain

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    My InterpretationYour blood does not turn white when you shoot up heroin, that's incredibly silly.

    Personally, I think those parts of the song are about love, oddly enough. That the singer loves someone else so much, that they can survive on just the bile and excrement of the other person. Milk is nourishment, shit is discarded waste. The singer loves the other person so much, that even that will sustain them. The rest of the song is mainly scraps of themes and ideas, I'm guessing. Kurt wrote songs in a haphazard manner, taking lines from various scraps he had written, and putting them together. He also enjoyed themes of bodily fluids and uncomfortable aspects of human biology (see Drain You, most of In Utero.)
    LeeTheAgenton January 03, 2011   Link
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    General CommentNirvana-5 has it right, the rest of you are colossal morons.

    "My milk is your shit" is another way of saying "One person's junk is another person's treasure". The things that meant most to Kurt meant less than shit to others, and that is something I can heavily relate to, just as I do on almost every front Kurt has represented.

    Those of you once again considering this to be another song about drugs, you are small minded and severely foolish, WAKE UP, Kurt was much wiser then that, he wasn't just always singing about drugs, you demean his legacy just by believing that. You fake fans disgust me.
    JimiCobainon January 27, 2011   Link
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    General CommentIf we did not have chemicals
    You would not be writing my...

    I guess this is about drugs.
    mojo risinon August 31, 2005   Link
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    General CommentSome lyrics in the middle of the song are missing
    scoffedon December 14, 2004   Link
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    General Commentit doesnt matter scoff, this song is about a lotta things and it seems to have nosense. this is one of my favourites cuz it is just kurt improving and that stuff
    TSHon December 23, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThat is true. Its an improvised song but it is very cool
    scoffedon December 23, 2004   Link
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    General Commentseems like an early version of milk it "my milk is your shit"
    nirvanafan700on March 25, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIt isn't, because they played milk it in the same session, in Rio de Janeiro. That version on Milk it appears on the box as well as this song
    scoffedon March 27, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI love it how someone can just improvise liek this and make up this lyrics on the spot. The best part is definitely 'My milk is your shit'.
    Black_Stripe_Redon June 29, 2005   Link
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    General CommentYo I am not one of those people who think that alll of Nirvana's songs were about Herion, but this one deffintly is!!

    Obvious: my milk is your shit.
    When you do Heroin your blood turns white, or milk blood.
    Also Herion, or any hard drud, is shit. Like I need to get my shit, or just reffering to your Dope of choise as shit. Also your milk is my shit is saying that milk, which is how babies survive, well his milk is shit, his substance is heroin.

    when he says:Fighting silence as a friend
    I'm silent and I can't turn it around

    I think what he is trying to express is that the Heroin, did not improve his creativity, it hindered it. He was losing his creativity too Heroin!!

    I beilive it is rare that Kurt wrote something with no deep meaning!!!
    Shady B 206on July 19, 2005   Link

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