Too long til fall. sick summer in bed.
You and a lazy mood.
10 times the fall. spread, sacked, and I've failed.
Nobody move.

To far (long) to fall. sat shiver in bed.
You and a test of will.
Too many fallen, too many failed.
Nobody move.

Days with the light off, freezing.
You and i. uneasy. livid.

Stop its too late
I'm feeling frustrated
I see no sign of fortress

Safe as a cootie wootie with you.
Never pretend the chill.
Too many shadows, too many sails.
Nobody move.

Summer is only winter with you.
How can you really feel?
2 of another. none of a pair.
Nobody move.

Another delay. too many hassles,
Where do we go? how do we follow?

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"Fortress" as written by Charlie Clarke Bob Kildea

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Fortress song meanings
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    General CommentYou, Sir, are a dumbass.
    12345on January 29, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti think this song's about someone who feels stuck.

    "too long 'till fall"
    this person must be thinking there's still so much he has to go through until fall, which i interpret as he's not comfortable in his current situation.
    "sick summer in bed, you in a lazy mood"
    it's proved that fall is the most likely period of the year for people to get depressed. He talks about a sick summer, and summer's are supposed to be great. He's looking forward to the fall because he can't stand that he's having a terrible summer. It's easier to accept your sad situation on a cloudy and rainy day than on a bright and sunny day.
    He want to do something about the situation but 'you in a lazy mood'.

    "10 times the fall"
    he's in this relationship for 10 years."

    "spread, sacked and i've failed"
    and he screwed up.

    "nobody move"
    he wants everyone to stop for a minute so he can think it all over.

    "too long to fall, sat shiver in bed"
    He feels he's been with her too long to "end" the relationship, which makes him shiver.

    "you and a test of will, too many fallen, too many failed"
    Too many past partners have failed the test of will. Which means if they want to go on with the relationship or not. His current partner is still doing this test.

    "days with the light off, freezing, you and I, uneasy, livid"
    It's a dark and cold period, uneasy and painful"

    "stop it's too late i'm feeling frustrated, i see no sign of fortress"
    He wants this period to stop (because the relationship used to be great and comfortable) but he knows it's too late for that. The situation got out of hand an he sees no sign of that it will be allright again. That makes him feel frustrated.

    "safe as a cootie wootie with you" This may refer to the song "safety is a cootie wootie" from The Residents. That song says that safety is 'not growing older than 3 years'. Maybe he feels like a little child when he's with her.

    "never pretend the chill. too many shadows, too many sails"
    it is cold between them, and dark. I relate the sails to things that end. Imagine a boat that sails away.

    "Summer is only winter with you, how can you really feel"
    She is a bit indifferent about it.

    "another delay"
    another thing that makes this dark period last longer

    "too many hassles"
    too many fights

    "where do we go, how do we follow"
    where is this relationship going, and what will happen next? what to do?

    Over all the person is absolutely not sure about what to do. Which is exactly the way i'm feeling lately and that's why this song moves me. And that's probably why i put my opinion on here..
    remeber, this is not THE meaning of the song, but what the song means to me..
    HRAon December 19, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis song iss really creative and awesome. i think it means a lot. like just overall sick of something, wanting out but still being in.
    haywoo1129on December 14, 2004   Link
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    General Commentwell, i always thought that it's about sex. and he's having a... problem, in bed.

    i don't know, when you look it over... "spread, sacked and i've failed"-- she's "ready" and he's.. not.

    "days with the light off," "no sign of fortress"...

    or perhaps i should just get my head out of the gutter. :o)
    partayattaylorson April 08, 2005   Link
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    General Comment"HAHAHA!!! you dolts. If you morons know anything..."

    Care to cite a source? Information doesn't mean anything unless there is something to back it up and so far all we have is an anonymous guy on the internet who took the time to type it. If you can prove it, I'll accept it.
    Hraesvelgon January 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentEven if Pinback doesnt put meaning into their lyrics one of the most interneting parts of music is how people translate their music into feelings.
    TheShorelineon September 28, 2006   Link
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    General Commentfirst time doing this so ehh. maybe he's paranoid. and sick. written during summer time, which he isnt favoring too much this year. cant wait until fall comes. you could mean a companion of his or talking to himself. saying he's lazy and he's almost got up the nerve to get up and do something but he's failed once again. he feels its too late to even start to get up, to start to do anything so whats the point. theres no sign of it working to sign of a certain thing that will occur once he is up and ready, there is nothing no fortress. he feels safe with himself so why get up, why get out. the whole nobody move could be the paranoid part. like he's been alone for so long, all of summer, and he's seeing things, created people. but hey thats just my interpretation. (:
    bloodntears91on February 04, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwhat is a cootie wootie? I need to know.. it's very important. ha. but really.. what is it?
    iamwhoon July 22, 2008   Link
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    General Comment764-mouser, you're an elitist asshole. songs are created for personal interpretation. an artist may paint a picture just because he thinks a certain scene is pretty, but personal interpretation is what makes art (in all its forms) meaningful. good poets dont write with the intention of people knowing what *they're* talking about, they want *you* to make something up...same can go for songs and song lyrics.
    Drecoon May 29, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song is about two people with failed attempts of finding love and the world around them doesn't give them much hope. "Too many fallen, too many failed. Nobody move, nobody move." Because of their experiences and observations of the hurt and frustrations from failed relationships, they're afraid to make a move and let themselves fall in love.

    When a couple lie in bed with the lights off, they are cuddling and keeping each other warm. "Days with the light off, freezing. You and I, uneasy, livid." Because they are afraid of getting hurt, they keep their distance and are therefore cold. "Too long to fall. Sat shiver in bed. You and a test of will. Too many fallen, too many failed. Nobody move, nobody move."

    The world around them full of heartbreaks, unhealthy relationships, and divorce are influencing their decision not to get close. Hence he sees "no sign of fortress" (a person or thing not susceptible to outside influence or disturbance).

    They are two people that are together, but not a real couple. "Two of another, none of a pair."
    onetimeforyourmindon December 03, 2011   Link

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