If I may,
If I might,
Let me down, we've been,
If I say what is life,
I might be dreaming,
If I may what is right,
Summon time too see me,
He lives in his bonnet,
A face from his pocket,
Chains mowing life from trees.

Do Re Mi.
If I may,
If I might,
Wake me up, see me,
If I do and if I lie,
Find me out see me,
If I may cold as ice,
I may have too see me,
The ways in his socket,
The face from his moment,
The chains from his socket,

Do Re Mi.
Wish me good,
Wish me light,
Find me out, see me,
If I may just be quiet,
Follow hate and be me,
Hello and if I sigh,
Shake me out; TV,
If I may and if I might,
Gotta gun to bleed,
Rays in his pocket,
Rays from his wallet,
Chains from his armor,
Am I deep?

Do Re Mi.

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"Do Re Mi [Home Demo]" as written by Kurt Cobain

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    General CommentThis song, like any Nirvana song, has so many meanings and possible meanings/references that it can make your head spin.

    To those who believe in "What you see is what you get" - i dont understand your logic. If you listen to any of the band's other songs you will see how Kurt played with words and intentionally made things sound very gray. In agreeance with a poster before me, this "style" added to Nirvana's appeal and mystery. Proof of that is some of us still bickering some 10 years after Kurt is dead.

    Some things that i have thought of while hearing these lyrics over the years (apologize for repetition):
    *Do Re Mi - Music Scale. duh.
    *Do Re Mi could be a reference to the way he saw the events of his past behind him and the path that lies before him; since Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do is a sequence and the mood of the song is not exactly like his others it seems a positive outlook.
    *The song could be a description of some kind of fight that was going on inside of him at the time.
    *Do Re Mi could be an intentional "last words before death" kind of deal. Some of the words are stressed where its like he is reminiscing his past and coming to a realization that he can leave this all behind. Like he was ready and experienced all that he set out to do. But then again, he never meant for nirvana to become so popular and become what it did.
    *Do Re Mi/Dont Rape Me: funny and a possibly a reference to "Rape Me". You could also say that the drugs were welcomed before and now they are not, hence Dont rape me.

    Whatever the reason for this song, it definitely had a reason and a purpose for its creation.
    JustAnotherFrengeron September 07, 2007   Link
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    Song MeaningBefore I let everyone know how I interpet this song, I just want to bring about the theory of consideration:

    The Chorus: DO RE MI: Kind of reminds you poetically of DREAM? Doesn't it? Do Re Mi? He also kind of hints that he also means some kind of dreamy since within the bond of the childhood lullaby, humorously along with the rest of his beautiful music that IS talent that he denied.

    So the chorus, I believe, somewhat displays what he's always seen as one of his bandmates says: when he sings, it's like a different world come to life, basically. So: DREAM! DO RE ME!

    Being someone who really feels compassionate, relative, or chooses to be pure enough to see who(which is REALLY hard... but in the end peaceful) Kurt Cobain, this song relates to a lot of how I feel.

    This song reminds me of just my own childhood to present fantasies of death, hence: cold and good (or go to gut) to bleed me... The stomach, to me, was my favorite spot to imagine the best wound to have for death for people as sad or sentimental but angelic as I and Kurt Cobain... but I plead and BEG that I am NOT trying to be like him... once I was but only by being myself, I realize I am still alike with the hair and blue eyes but of no pride because dying like him his horrible when I'd rather be alive and make people grateful.

    He's talking about something very beautiful he's always seen but was always to jumpy to realize how great it is, in some aspects. It's dreamy... just as I always lived in a dream world... with my head and hands inside my jacket.

    He's basically man with more estrogen than testosterone, if you ask me because he wants to be understood and let down as he weeps but no one would really do that. As he is correct that he is a "Jesus man" but not entirely but relative because people, even today, will physically or mentally humiliate and torture before they'll do things so kind as to... provide the gift of death into the gut or to care for, undivided, full mawkish feelings, etc... but it's a hard path to bear such care but is it in the beginning to end? People start usually never in the beginning which is why it's hard.

    It's Do Re Mi, in some form of dream mixed with the old lullaby for this happy feeling of Nirvana he's always pursued from the aid of a wife, heroin, and his own memories, and tortured past that comforts him as he consumes it for a sad, masochist, feeling... or a bittersweet, if not sweet completely feeling.

    I think this song marks Kurt's acceptance that his music can grasp the world's attention but this song so beautiful still won't buy what he's always wanted. I guess true love, as simple as he already was to even feel Nirvana... or slightly, sadly to say, but I think he truly has felt Nirvana. Murder? Suicide? or both? He could've had someone kill him for him... Is that plausible? The question of his death is still the question in his own mind is to die or live. That's probably why it's a big question because most won't believe that he would hire someone to do it for him but I could be false which is why I make theories no conclusions. Things like that really either takes the people involved, even as far as cops, or someone as abstract or far away as us... mainly the sure are pure but the many are still right: Murder: yes Suicide: yes Both: definitely... as figurative as he is or maybe just too simple to understand like Buddha holding up a flower: People are like, "why is he holding it? What does it represent? But all it is: Is a flower to enjoy, cherish, look at, smell. Life itself RIGHT NOW.

    Do Re Mi, I dream.
    JoJo1Oon September 03, 2009   Link
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    General CommentHey guys, radical theory here. What if the song wasn't finished lyrically? What if some parts were just placeholders, like those few lines that don't make sense or even the chorus of "Do re mi"? Didn't Kurt once say that the music came first and that he wrote the lyrics as a secondary matter?
    DasUnterseebooton August 19, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI do agree that some of these lyrics might be placeholder nonsense, but the overall groups of meaningful terms along with the plaintive, haunting falsetto seems to me that this is kind of a prayer for healing or release. The "do re mi" is a basic way to remember a major scale in music; since music provided the one release in Mr. Cobain's life that was non-destructive or shameful to himself, I think he's saying that the healing feeling is complicated, but the method is not -- just sing, and hope for the best.

    I like to see this as sort of a compliment to "You Know You're Right" — in that very late-era song, he sarcastically and non-cathartically wails "Pain" for a whole chorus and then "you know you're right."

    Here, he reaches up high in his range and says, "Heal," and then goes for the simple "do re mi" reminder of music's potential healing power.

    And the "If I may," stuff ... just sounds prayer like. Whether he was praying for a release here or knew instinctively that he wasn't going to be around for much longer — it's pretty moving to me. Always felt some weirdly strong connection to the dude, myself.

    letsdanceorstandupon December 25, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti always thought do re me sounded like don't rape me
    WwoEvarron December 27, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthese arent the right lyrics
    withthelightsouton November 26, 2004   Link
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    General Commentummm.. is it just me or does "dough ray me" sound exactly like "do re mi" so pretty much hes singing the same damn thing... but what the fuck do i know... all im using is common sense
    Mothra666on December 01, 2004   Link
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    General Commentumm... i was just saying it really doesnt matter what you think hes singing... its pronounced the same... besides theres no fuckin offical lyrics sheets to this song, it was basically a demo, prob with scratch vocals he improvised... its not like it was finished... and the offical boxset has it listed as do re mi... if they really thought it should of been dough ray me.. im sure they would have put that in the track list... but hey theres taht pesky common sense shit again!
    Mothra666on December 01, 2004   Link
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    General CommentKurt liked to sing things that could have all sorts of different meanings and spellings. He did it quite a lot. He would sing two lines that sound exactly alike but he's saying two different things. That's just how he was. He could be singing "Dough Ray Me" or whatever, but I'm sure he means all sorts of possible things.
    Aerionon December 29, 2004   Link
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    General CommentKurt sounds really cute in this one
    theriverknowson July 06, 2009   Link

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