[This Week in Bible Prophecy]
God has a plan -- and the bible unfolds that wonderful plan
through the message of prophecy
God sent Jesus into this world to be our saviour
And that Christ is returning, someday soon
to unfold the wonderful plan of eternity, for my life and your life
As long as we're cooperating with God
by accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and saviour
And as the Lord does return in the coming seven days
We'll see you next time here on This Week in Bible Prophecy

Tupac don't start that blasphemy in here!
Makaveli, the new breed -- and I remember what my pops told me
The new word, follow me -- remember what my pops told me

My family tree, consists of drug dealers, thugs and killers
Strugglin, known to hustle screamin fuck they feelings
I got advice from my father; all he told me was this
Niggaz, get off your ass if you plan to be rich
There's ten rules to the game, but I'll share with you two
Know, niggaz gon' hate you for whatever you do
Now rule one -- get your cash on, M.O.B.
That's Money Over Bitches, cause they breed envy
Now rule two is a hard one, watch for phonies
Keep yo', enemies close nigga, watch yo' homies
It seemed a little unimportant; when he told me I smiled
Picture jewels being handed, to an innocent child
I never knew in my lifetime I'd live by these rules
Initiated as an outlaw, studying rules
Now papa ain't around, so I gotta recall
or come to grips with bein written on my enemy's walls
Promised if I have a seed, I'ma guide him right
Dear Lord don't let me die tonight
I got words for my comrades, listen and learn
Ain't nuttin free, give back what you earn, no doubt
Gettin higher than a motherfucker, blessed and pleased
This Thug Life'll be the death of me, c'mon, yeah

And I remember what my papa told me
Remember what my papa told me, blasphemy

[Chorus: Prince Ital]

Love for dem dat steal in the name of da Lord
Dem a tell nuff lie but holdin my bird in a cloud
Usin de name of de Lord in vein
While de people in de ghetto, feel nuff pain

We probably in Hell already, our dumb asses not knowin
Everybody kissin ass to go to heaven ain't goin
Put my soul on it, I'm fightin devil niggaz daily
Plus the media be crucifying brothers severely
Tell me I ain't God's son, nigga momma’s a virgin
We got evicted had to leave the burbs, back in the ghetto
doin wild shit, lookin at the sun don't pay
Criminal mind all the time, wait for Judgment Day
They say Moses split the Red Sea
I split the blunt and rolled the fat one, I'm deadly -- Babylon beware
Comin from the Pharaoh’s kids, retaliation
Makin legends off the shit we did, still bullshittin
Niggaz in Jerusalem, waitin for signs
God coming, she's just takin her time, haha
Living by the Nile while the water flows
I'm contemplating plots wondering which door to go
Brothas getting shot, comin back resurrected
It's just that raw shit, nigga check it (that raw shit)

And I remember what my papa told me
Remember what my papa told me, blasphemy


The preacher want me buried why? Cause I know he a liar
Have you ever seen a crackhead, that's eternal fire
Why you got these kids minds, thinkin that they evil
while the preacher bein richer you say honor God's people
Should we cry, when the Pope die, my request
We should cry if they cried when we buried Malcolm X
Mama tell me am I wrong, is God just another cop
waitin to beat my ass if I don't go pop?
Memories of a past time, givin up cash
to the leaders, knowin damn well, it ain't gonna feed us
In my brain how can you explain, time in B.C.
It's hard enough to live now, in these times of greed
They say Jesus is a kind man, well he should understand
times in this crime land, my Thug nation
Do whatchu gotta do but know you gotta change
Try to find a way to make it out the game
I leave this and hope God can see my heart is pure
Is heaven just another door? I leave this here
I leave this and hope God can see my heart is pure
Is heaven just another door? And my people say

[Chorus 4X]

Our father, who art in heaven
Hallow be thy name
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
In earth, as it is in heaven
Give us this day, our daily bread
As we give up our debts
As we forgive our debt-ors
Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us, unevil
For God, is the kingdom, and the power
and the glory forever, and ever, and ever

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    Song MeaningIn My Opinion this song means the hyprocity of christian for example how we know we sin but it doesnt matter to us when we do it but when some one else do it its a big thing, how we look up to religious leaders that dont even help but our nation movement leaders,and how we not raised in world that we can look for our own belief or choose our own we raised to believe whatever our parents taught. and how does anyone officially with no doubt knows there a heaven or hell
    AwaMaya17on February 09, 2016   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about the realization of life. He realizes that his dad didn't teach him anything but making money. His mom taught him to fear god. He sees the way of life the world is living, and its hypocricy. He sees that if he keeps living this way, he could be damned. He doesn't want to die tonight, because he knows he is not ready. I don't know why he thinks Bible Prophecy is blasphemy, except that the guy preaching it seems not to realize the seriousness of the matter. To tupac, its a really big deal, and in my mind I think he thinks it should be preached in a way that is less simple and more understanding.

    The key sentance is "As long as we're cooperating with God"...

    He most likely believes that the gift of Jesus is grace, and he probably he given a lot of thought to that. How can it be a free gift, but yet always cooperate with god? Surely people are not perfect. And he is struggling with all of these concepts.

    So this song is written in "rant" form. I have always liked it, its not a perfect song, but we as people are not perfect.
    OrokuSakion May 06, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI am so suprised that this song hadn't been posted yet. This is my favorite song on the Makaveli(sp?) CD.

    This song is one of the main reasons I believe Tupac is the greatest rapper. This song is his take on religion and his opinion of the hypocricy in society concerning religion and how he will probably be called a blasphemist because he is telling it how he sees it.

    Oh Tupac, I wish you were still here today. Damn.
    sfgirl82on November 18, 2004   Link
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    General CommentOh yeah-- I copied this from a lyrics website. I have no idea what the chorus is saying. I didn't even know the person's name who is singing/rapping. So if that part is wrong, feel free to correct it.
    sfgirl82on November 18, 2004   Link
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    General CommentYea, Two-pack and I used to hang. I quick chillin wit him when he was with Digital Underground and they made him dance on stage in his underwear with a blow-up doll. Wow, I never would have guessed he was gay. Word up... for shizzill....and all that other bullshit.
    irish_deftone6on November 18, 2004   Link
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    General Commentdumb ass tsucol
    wolfpacon November 18, 2004   Link
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    General CommentPious.
    1stGospelon March 14, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"tell me i ain't god's son, nigga momma's a virgin"
    (believe it or not, actual lyrics from song above)
    Well, i don't speak for god but i can reassure him he's no godly son, nor is he anything else godly
    tsct1990on May 04, 2006   Link
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    General Commentnow first, to understand 2pacs lyrics you cant be a dumbass, cuz believe it or not, he didnt write this shit for you dumb mother fuckers.. now when he says "tell me i aint gods son" dont get offended by the shit! we all are gods children. now comin onto a 2pac post and writin that stupid shit about 2pac is ridiculous. im white and i pretty much only listen 2 rock besides 2pac among other rappers but 2pac is speaking 4 all of us. he is hands down the best rapper ever because of what he had 2 say. he didnt have the best flow but he was smarter than ANY musician(including every type of music) so to waste your time to look up pac, select a song and then type out some stupid shit is beyond being a steamy pile of dog shit. so stop the hatin u big ol internet shit talkers...
    Bknow33on July 05, 2006   Link
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    General Commentposted by player1916:
    "he (tupac) didnt have the best flow but he was smarter than ANY musician (including every type of music)"

    people, i'm sorry to report that the smartest musician this world has ever produced...can't even spell the word "the" correctly, and writes about his alleged gang ties that he seems to be proud of in the vast majority of his songs

    "Love for dem dat steal in the name of da Lord
    Dem a tell nuff lie but holdin my bird in a cloud
    Usin de name of de Lord in vein
    While de people in de ghetto, feel nuff pain"

    THIS is the smartest musician ever...? i mean, i could understand if you had said the most sleazy, or that rap is the most sleazy genre of music, but the smartest musician????
    tsct1990on August 17, 2006   Link

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