It's hard to remember how it felt before
Now I found the love of my life
Passes things, get more comfortable
Everything is going right

And after all the obstacles
It's good to see you now with someone else
And it's such a miracle that you and me are still good friends
After all that we've been through
I know we're cool
I know we're cool

We used to think it was impossible
Now you call me by my new last name
Memories seem like so long ago
Time always kills the pain

Remember Harbor Boulevard
The dreaming days where the mess was made
Look how all the kids have grown, oh
We have changed but we're still the same
After all that we've been through
I know we're cool
I know we're cool

Yeah, I know we're cool

And I'll be happy for you
If you can be happy for me
Circles and triangles
And now we're hanging out with your new girlfriend
So far from where we've been
I know we're cool
I know we're cool

Ah ah I know we're cool, ah ah
Ah, I know we're cool
C-cool, yeah I know we're cool
Me and you

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Cool Lyrics as written by Gwen Stefani Dallas Austin

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    Song MeaningHere is my take on the video. Gwen is from a rich family. She was forbidden to see Daniel. I say this because Gwen was always nicely dressed while Daniel looked very raggedy. They were separated by Gwen's family because of this. Notice how they always had to sneak around and notice the sorrow in their faces. In the future, you see Daniel and his new girlfriend. Daniel is also rich now. You can tell that Daniel worked very hard to be rich because of what happened between him and Gwen. You can tell that he thought getting rich will get Gwen back...but too much time had past and Gwen seemed to have moved on...but only on the outside, inside her heart, she still and always will love Daniel. They are definitely not "cool" in their hearts, but cool on the outside. They are both filled with regrets because they broke against their will. Now as adults, they feel there is nothing they can do but be happy for each other and love one another from afar. Notice the look in their eyes, it says everything. I love this video and Daniel Gonzalez is hot!
    kelbraon October 01, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI agree that the song is more about pretending to be 'cool' than about actually being it. Appart from the melancholic tone of the song itself, the video is very telling. I'm a little surprised that anyone would suggest that Gwen may not have been behind the concept of this video, whether directly or indirectly. All of her videos carry her stamp very clearly and why should this song be an exception? Especially since most people seem convinced that this song is about a very public relationship of Gwen's.

    The video shows Gwen receiving her guests. She's living in a very large house and is there all alone. In the song she says she found the love of her life but he does not seem to be around.
    In any case she has to greet her ex by herself whilst he has brough his new significant other. And at the first bump (literally) her flashbacks begin.
    It's pretty obvious from the video that 'cool' doesn't mean happy. It's a beautiful video and a beautiful song.
    Seb86on May 21, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think when you're in a real loving relationship where you've been together for years, you've let each other into your hearts and world, then you will always love them. Someone who meant the world to you, those feelings don't go away. not completely. I don't think she's saying she still loves him and wants to be back with him. i think she's saying that she will always remember the good times between them because it meant a lot to her, but now they have both met new people who they love as well, and it's working out for them. She might miss the way things used to be at times, and may reminisce but in the end she's happy he found someone and she's happy with who she is with. No, you can't ever be completely cool with someone you've been that close to but it means cool as in, there's no drama between them, they can still grab a cup of coffee and enjoy each others presence. They might get a twinge of jealously, but ultimately they're just happy for each other. How can you not want someone who you've loved more than anything or anyone in the world to be happy?
    chainofflowerson July 31, 2010   Link
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    General CommentProbably about Tony (Kanal, No Doubt's Bassist). She's saying that after the break-up it was really difficult to be in the band together and have him play songs that were about him (basically all of Tragic Kingdom, i.e. "Don't Speak", "Happy Now", Return of Saturn). But time really healed their friendship, which amazing is still intact, and she observes that now they are able to recognize that each one has moved on (i.e. "Now you call me by my new last name" and " now we're hanging out with your new girlfriend"). She is just very happy that things are at a very good place with the two of them and very happy that they are back to being really, really good friends.
    boomerstyleon November 20, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThe O.C. always has great music on it, doesn't it?
    gskitty88on January 11, 2005   Link
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    General Commentyea when i heard this song it totally reminded me of no doubt.. but its a really pretty song..
    ihrtaphasiaon April 05, 2005   Link
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    General CommentGwen definitely wrote the song. i am 100% convinced that it is about Tony- he even produced it with her. I think this is a really sweet song, one of my favorites on her album. It is definitely amazing that they have managed to stick together as friends. They dated for years and I am amazed he was able to stay in the band and do songs about him and stuff and.. it's just a great song. Laid-back kinda vibe that you can chill out to.
    adamanteveon May 22, 2005   Link
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    My InterpretationIdk what was happening in real life to Gwen but just analysing the video clip; I think it means that they had an amazing history and they were in love but for whatever reason it had to end and now they're... I don't know. It doesn't look like they've moved on or are past it/ over it in the video much, even her voice in the song is sad-ish with her facial expressions. It feels like its a tiny bit awkward between them but they are mature enough to hide it/handle it/keep their emotions in check? It seems like they are moving on from it but there are - and will be - feelings about back when everything was sweet? o.O
    xparamorexon June 27, 2012   Link
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    General CommentBasically, it's a bittersweet song about past lovers becoming friends.
    Lardarschon December 24, 2012   Link
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    General Commenti completely agree. its so different from rest of album tho. still nicesong x
    em2000on November 23, 2004   Link

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