Gatesy: Okay...
Scod: Thanks for sticking around!
Gatesy: Now, the challenge was - there was Doctor Spoya...
Scod: Doctor Spoya... there was a Torana...
Gatesy: Yes... there was fish food...
Scod: Yes...
Gatesy: Epsom Salts...
Scod: Yep...

Audience member: Gangster rap...
Gatesy: Gangster rappin'!
Yon: Gangster rap...

Gatesy: Elvis kind of song... yeah, Elvis, we've said...
Yon: Elvis, we've said, well, we did it in an Elvis style, rather than putting Elvis in.
Gatesy: What else was there? A Torana...

Audience member: I said Elvis, I'm sorry...

Gatesy: No, no, no, no, no... Elvis is cool. Elvis is King!

Audience member: I'm sorry...

Scod: Elvis is King, in fact Elvis is the style in which we have chosen to do the entire song. So... well done...
Gatesy: I just want to know, I haven't missed anything...
Scod: Gangster rap... no, it's all there.
Gatesy: Okay, let's go.
Scod: Let's do it! Good luck everyone, good luck!

Gatesy: Thanks for sticking around for an hour, guys. We realise it's, you know, after bedtime.
Scod: Yeah...

One! Two! Three!

Tripod: (Elvis) Oh lover,
Gatesy: I've been missing you so long.
Tripod: Can't recover,
Gatesy: So I have to sing this song.
Tripod: No other,
Gatesy: I'm dying from this long-distance love,

Tripod: Don't wanna,
Scod: Be without you any more.
Tripod: Was a gonna,
Scod: When you walked right out my door.
Tripod: No funn-er,
Scod: Wanna pack right up and go do a runner.
Tripod: In my Torana.

Though we may poke out our pelvis,
This bit isn't very Elvis-y.

But this bit iiiiiiisssssssssss...

Scod: Don't need no banker or no lawyer,
Tripod: Don't need no naval destroyer,
Don't need to loiter in no foyer,
I'm far away from you,
And every day I bleed,
So won't you tell me what I need...
Scod: Doctor Spoya?

Tripod: I'm heartbroken,
Yon: I just can't concentrate.
Tripod: I'm not jokin',
Yon: I've made some terrible mistakes...
Tripod: ... since we've spoken.
Yon: I fed my favourite fish with Epsom Salts.
Now they're chokin'.

Scod: Man, once I fed my fish with Epsom Salts, they're almost relaxed to death.
Man, my fish are so chilled out, they're like gangster rappers.
They're like Cyprus Hill fish.

Gatesy: (Gangster rapping) I was on a roll,
Just swimmin' round my bowl.
Put me in a weird mood,
Epsom Salts in my food!
Now I breakdance and I spin,
With my flappy-flappy fins, and the...


Yon: No!
Gatesy: That was good! They liked that!
(Gangster rap) Yeah, all right. Thank you for coming round.
Yon: That is not how fish rap!
Give me a beat...
Scod: How do fish rap?
Yon: I'll show ya...

Yon: Gurgle, gurgle, blubb, blubb, gurgle, gurgle...

Gatesy: Yeah, fine, thanks...

Tripod: (Elvis) Don't need no Janet or no Toya,
Don't need no Bert or no Moira,
You're my Helen of Troy-a,
I'm far away from you,
And every day I bleed,
So won't you tell me what I need...

Don't need no Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer,
Don't need no Backstreet or no Boy-a,
Don't need no H.G. or no Roy-a,
I'm far away from you,
And every day I bleed,
So won't you tell me what I need...

Scod: Doctor...
Gatesy: Doctor...
Yon: Doctor...

Tripod: Doctor Spoya?

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    General CommentThis song is awesome, as are Tripod... well obviously, they wrote and preformed it. The Elvis bit, nicely done.

    Since this page is overflowing with crazyed tripod fans just like me.......... i would like to take this opportunity to boast that at a Tripod concert i got to hug Yon!!!!!! Yes, that's right, the one with no hair. Everyones favourite. I got to hug him, and got my picture taken with him. Now all i have to do is hug Rove McManus and that's both my life long dreams complete.
    lauraismeon June 29, 2005   Link

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