"Alarum" as written by and Jeffrey Scott/chatwood Martin....
I took a slide, slipping down a staircase
A piranesian dream
My senses reeled, distorted by the darkness
I lit my way with a scream
And in the rave an alarum caused a
Cracked mirror
I got confused by the sound
I turned around and touched it from a distance
And then it fell to the ground

Loud cry from the shallows
Lust feeds on the fear
Walls crack under pressure
I think the end is getting near

And in my mind was the fury of a madness
That consecrated the dirt
I stumbled through the enigma of the reason
And celebrated the hurt
And then I found through an act of desperation
A subtle rip in the heart
I was seduced by the fear of devastation
And then it tore me apart

Oh no, nothing matters
When it takes me
When it rapes me, breaks me
Shakes me down

A quick escape from the edge of commination
I slept the night with my spleen
A vain excuse, I was searching for some answers
I broke away from the scene
Because after all animality's an instinct
And it's luxuria's slave
To taste the truth, it's a seizure of the senses
And it's a foot in the grave

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"Alarum" as written by Jeffrey Scott Martin Jeffrey John Burrows

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    General CommentA dark song, but I wouldn't say it's their darkest. In case anyone was wondering, an "alarum" is a warning or call to arms. "Piranesian" refers to Piranesi, an Italian architect and artist who contributed to neoclassicism. And Luxuria, who crops up twice to my knowledge with The Tea Party, is the personification of self-indulgent sexual desire.
    I know all that thanks to Dictionary.com, but I still can't really get my head around the song's meaning, I'm afraid.
    Artemisianon December 27, 2004   Link
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    General CommentPeople have said that this particular song is The Tea Party's darkest. This may be true, but it should not be judged soley on that aspect. It is an amazing and beautiful piece and my absolute favourite of theirs. Amazing band, and their CANADIAN GO CANADA and an amazing song!
    vampiric_soul69on October 09, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI honestly odn;t know what this song was supposed to mean by itself. But i think that Transmission may have been a rock opera.

    Temptation - (Intro to the night)

    Army Ants - (A slight warning of how the night shall end.... confusion)

    Psychopomp - (She starting to regret what is going on, but he is pressuring her to continue)

    Gyroscope - (She's in a different world, one that's he's been in before, but she can't cope)

    Alarum - (Uh-oh)

    Release - (Coming to the hard decision of what he must do...Call for help and potentially have jail time, or leave her to die)

    Transmission - (um..... 911... and trying to understand what to do, while fried off his gourd)

    Babylon - (His and her Temptation has brought them to Babylon.... a bad night... their own created hell)

    Pulse - (Things get worse.... as he waits for help, she's slipping away into death.)

    Emerald - (Help arrives, but consiqence is now his problem, as she is off to the hospital, he is relieved, but not in the best way)

    Aftermath - (Pretty self explanatory, both title and lyrics)
    thefartingdonkeyon August 12, 2007   Link

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