Plastic blue invitations in my room
I've been waiting here for you
Reservations made for two
Sunlight fading

Black tongues speak faster than the car can crash
You supply the rumours, and I'll provide the wrath
Romance is breaking every heart in two
Casting shadows in the pale shade of blue

Plastic blue conversations in my room
Saving every tear for you
Trusting every word untrue
Twilight fading

Fate changes faster than the death of light
You supply the envy and I'll provide the spite
Reflections cutting every face in two
Casting shadows in the pale shade of blue

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Blue Lyrics as written by Michael Rainbow

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    General Comment
    This is a very personal interpretation so I don't expect it to be right, but how it seems to me is: Plastic blue is one aspect of a personality, the nice and slightly naive part that is most often shown by someone rather than the harsh and realistic part, so really plastic blue, or blue is a person. Stanza one is the anticipation of someones arrival. The person I care(d) about I get really worked up about if they are comming round and just wait for them and have feelings and sentences that I reserve(d) only for us and that I wouldn't say to anyone else. It seems that this stanza might be like that. Sunlight fading to me makes me imagine waiting for someone who never shows up. It's that passing of time and dissapointment. The second stanza is the other aspect of someones personality. The honest voice that tells us how shitty people can be someitmes and how they treat us badly. "Romance is breaking every heart in two, casting shadows in the pale shade of blue". Love and the other person is heatbreaking, and it is having a negative impact on the usual moods/personality of the person. Blue is the 'everyday/normal' person as they go through their day-to-day life. Stanza three is blue, the personality that is naive, but this time blue is reeling from the big let down and feels crappy about it all. "Conversations in my room"- to me is when you talk to yourself, you know that something is damaging yet you want it so much you try to argue against your better judgement and defend it and justify it. Twilight fading seems again to represent time moving on and the situation getting worse. Stanza four is the anger and honesty in the persons mind breaking out again. This time though "reflections cutting every face in two", in other words they blame themselves for the other persons behavoir. After all, if there was nothing wrong with you then why would they treat you so badly? You tend to blame yourself and this is what I think is happening in the song. It's a strange way to leave the song but I guess it might be about what people do in that kind of situation. Like I said anyway, that is my personal interpretation of the song and I am sure it is probably not very coherent but I'm feeling a bit crappy so I care little. boo hoo.
    A.Mon December 19, 2006   Link
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    My Opinion
    I love this song! It is my new favorite song. I can do Chibi's cool growly voice pretty well.
    SanjiLover4everon January 18, 2011   Link
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    General Comment
    While the song could be about bi-polarism or something like that I think one sentence stands out namely:"Black tongues speak faster than the car can crash" they could've gone with 'a car' but they explicitly said THE. Now don't get me wrong here and this could be plausible at best but the first thing that came to my mind was a tragic car crash involving the death of the singers' lover. Plastic blue Invitations in my room I've been waiting here for you Reservations made for two Sunlight fading In the first stanza its basicly the 2 lovers arrangeing a meeting (dinner whatever) but on his way the guy crashes his car and dies. "Black tongues speak faster than the car can crash" "You supply the rumours" "And I'll provide the wrath" "Romance is breaking every heart in two" "Casting shadows in the pale shade of blue" This stanza talks about how fast bad rumors start to spread after the guy crashed. People obviously mean ill to the guy and possible the couple. "wrath" could refer to family objecting to their union, and therefore want to incur justice by wrath by telling her 'its ok he was a bad guy afterall'. It's breaking her hearth to hear the rumors and she feels overwhelmed by the ammount of 'secrets' she hears from the rumors, could her lover truly have been this or that? and a great shadow falls over her. Plastic blue Conversations in my room Saving every tear for you Trusting every word untrue Twilight fading This part talks about her grief and how alone she is having 'conversations' but with whom? possibly herself. She also tries her best to ignore the rumors and bad words, but she cant help thinking "what if?" and slowly night falls in this verse as she goes past the stage of grief into the night. Fate changes faster than the death of light You supply the envy And I'll provide the spite Reflections cutting every face in two Casting shadows in the pale shade of blue I'm stuck on this last part though, envy and spite seem to hint at adultery, if so that would explain the rumors. "Reflections cut faces in half" this is either her looking in a broken mirror where she sees herself 'torn in half' in the reflection. Or a kill with a knife to the face, reflecting one half on one side of the blade the other in the other side, but that seems stupid because who stabs someone in the face anyway? I'll edit this when I get any ideas.
    Deiliuson July 15, 2011   Link
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    General Comment
    I have a different perspective, this song is most definitely about duality of light and dark, ying and yang, and good and evil. Also, I notice how each person has a doll, and that only one person is on the floor while the others are floating. This is a parable about the true self and the ego. The ego is the false part of one's self that is quick to judge, selfish and will do something regardless of the consequences of their actions. The fact that these dolls have masks confirms that they are hiding their faces which the ego is very good at. The last place we would find our true enemy is within ourselves. Chibi who is on the floor is trying to fish out her doll (ego) but is unsuccessful in the attempt, when one thinks that their ego is the true self, which the ego wants, will find that they will destroy themselves and their loved ones. The ones floating are not making any attempt to catch their doll, because they see that they are not their ego and are free to rise to enlightenment as their dolls are also rising to the light. True self: Love, acceptance, nonjudgmental, the ability to let go and the urge to gain more knowledge to illuminate themselves and others. Ego (false self): Quick to judge, must hold on to what they have (most often material items or a person), lies, cheats and hides themselves from the light of the truth and would rather cover themselves in darkness to avoid being revealed because they themselves commit evil actions. I hope my comment can shed light on both this creative song and video and upon life as we know it.
    Lorsie730on December 26, 2011   Link
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    General Comment
    I can't believe no one has commented on this song. This song seems to be a sort of a paralell, meaning that the first stanza goes with the third, and the second goes with the fourth. I think this song is either about a person who is torn between wanting love, but hating it at the same time, or two people, in which one person wants love and the other wants to hate it. Fate changes faster then the death of light. xoxo alex
    xXl0velyl0v3rxXon December 15, 2005   Link
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    General Comment
    It kind of seems like a debate on what the color blue symbolizes, in my opinion. Where someone sees blue as a symbol of light and innocence, and the other sees it as we see black; dark, morbid, evil... knowing this band, it might be the same person.
    murdertrampon January 10, 2006   Link
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    General Comment
    Only three comments on this song? That's odd.. I think this is one of TBM's best. Chibi's voice is incredible.
    PhasedxIronyon June 15, 2006   Link
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    General Comment
    i LOVE this song. it is really deeply...depressing and haunting.
    severalwayson October 05, 2007   Link
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    General Comment
    my interpretation of the song is that it's just saying how love can go bad. "twilight/sunlight fading". or that love/relationships have two sides - "casting shadows in the pale shade of blue". I think perhaps plastic blue is the superficial beginnings of the relationship. the second and fourth stanzas are describing what the relationship becomes after it changes from that initial lovestruck phase - the change being the car crashing/death of light. maybe those two things even signify something more specific like one person in the relationship betraying the other - the catalyst which changes everything and makes the love go bad.
    persephone22on April 14, 2008   Link
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    General Comment
    omc, i luf this song! it's my fav by tbm (lol, bm) *disclaimer* just before i start, i don't claim to be correct in any way, shape, or form. it's just how this song struck me :) first, i think that this song is comparing two interpretations of the color blue with two sides of romance. the first is plastic blue~plastic for me means fake. chibi sings it in this high voice that is like naiveté because it's so innocent (and in the vid she has on a white dress[innocence, purity] and bunny ears) i think that plastic blue is like romance can seem on the surface-innocent, shallow, etc. then the other blue is sung in this really demonic-possessed sounding voice (and in the vid it's these creepy little dolls with masks on) and it's talking about how romance underneath the surface is dark and full of spite and malice. i think that the interpretations of the color blue and the drastic voice tones are what make this song so incredibly awesome and unique. it really does a good job of showing two sides of something. i think it's also really really awesome that they could take a color like blue and make it so sinister. i mean, this isn't even like midnight blue or something-it's light blue, as in sunny skies and baby showers. freaked me out, too. lol i showed my sis this vid and she was like O.O oh speaking of drastic changes that was my third thing i wanted to say. hehe. i think this song touches on bipolarity, or something similar at least, because the changes in tone of song are so sudden and drastic. if not bipolarity, maybe it's portraying love as a coin with two sides, and we need to recognize both sides in order to really understand romance. also i think that every time she says 'sunlight fading' or 'twilight fading' she's coming to realize that the truth isn't all pretty. oks, thanks for reading my long, rambling comments!
    Wild~Tangenton June 05, 2008   Link

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