It doesn’t seem like love could ever lead to despair
But sometimes I think I’m coming to the limits of care
Do you think our minds are really that far apart
Something binds our hearts
Buried in frustration now I’m at the point where
I have to dig a little deeper, is there more feeling there
Digging up my insides every time that we fight
Hoping that I’m right

I’m just looking for what’s true – how about you
Can’t throw dirt on someone else – ‘til I dig into myself

A cynical stance is such an easy way out
Of making decisions, you can brush off the doubt
Dump your tougher choices on someone else’s head
No sweat or tears are shed
Leaning on your shovel spitting scorn on the ground
The task gets more tedious with you just standing around
I’ll just keep on digging though my patience wears thin
While you kick the dirt back in

I’m just digging for some truth – that I can’t pry loose
You say I’m mining a cliché – keep digging anyway

Who wants to do the work it takes to build compromise
It’s hard to scrape down through so many layers of lies
When you think you’ve reached a solid spot where you want to stand
It might sink in the sand
Lay up a foundation with all the days that have passed
Cementing it with trust, wondering if it will last
Construct a shaky tower that has just the right sway
To keep bending either way

Dig way down, build way up, is it sturdy enough
Built with time, sweat and tears, but will it last for years

We slapped up a tower on this compromised place
It wobbles and leans and puts stress on its base
You walk by and laugh while it bends in the breeze
Just some crazy monument we built out of need

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Faulty Towers song meanings
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