Look. I'd be the first to admit that I don't have an ounce of common sense, but I think people should be fucking in the streets. Assfucking. Especially women fucking men in the ass with dildos. What this country needs is a lot more sodomy. Because there are a lot of crises a-coming: global warming as we rape Alaska for oil, the return of coathanger abortions, downward economic spirals, nuclear terrorism, the reemergence of "Burn the motherfucker down," "Fuck the police," "Blow it all up and let's start all over again"—it will be a dark and frightening time. And our retarded president will offer little solace or hope. If you think things cannot get any worse, you have no imagination and no sense of history.

I'm not saying it's hopeless. I'm saying that these times call for desperate measures. They call for creative responses. They call for public nudity and assfucking and cunnilingus and prayer and ritual.

I'm talking about a spiritual sexual revolution, and I don't care if you're a heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, monogamous, polygamous, polymorphously perverse, fetishistic, submissive, dominant, watersports, madonna-or-whore, old, fat, ugly, handicapped, repressed, frightened, ashamed, or even a proud white American jerkoff fuckface who irresponsibly and thoughtlessly makes matters worse by talking stupid shit and voting like shit-for-brains: We must fuck our way out of this. All of us. We are responsible for our recovery, for our salvation. We must fuck our way out of this.

And we must fuck for God. We must offer our cunts and our cocks to Allah, to Buddha or Krishna or whomever. We must make our sexual offerings as sacraments to the earth mother, the universal spirit, the grand unifying force. And that spirit will get us through these crises.

Jacking off is fine; if you don't want to fuck anybody, fuck yourself. Repeatedly. Reverently. And outdoors.

They have to be able to see you doing it, with pride and religious conviction. And when they ask you what you are doing, you must tell them you are praying. And when they ask you why you are doing it, you must tell them: "Because I have seen the light. I have heard the voice and seen the vision, and the voice said, 'Go out and fuck and fuck and fuck,' and the vision said the same thing. Visually. With gestures and elaborate mudras."

And so yea, I say unto you: Fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck, for politics and law have failed us, and only religion and sex, and possibly science, will save us. So go outside and fuck for your god. Fuck to save the planet. Fuck to save us all. And fuck and fuck and fuck, immediately, and often. As soon as it gets warm again.

Lyrics submitted by Eamon

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