She's so smart today
She thought she could be right here again, but
She can only see, what she's afraid to see
She's now scared...

She says, I, I can't please myself
(Applause please..)
And it's you who I can't be from, unless

Empty stares, did you find it there..
Always by your side, knowing nothing well it's always right
And we've come oh so far to gain some strength and now we've pulled too hard
Now all you want is gone [x2]
And now I'm all I've got

So he tested time
It's time he thought she'd meet again
It's his selfish mind
That gives him this empty life
He now escapes, he said "I, I can't please myself"
And it's you, your all I want, unless..

Empty stares, thought we'd go down there
Always by your side, knowing nothing, well it's always right
And we've come oh so far to gain some strength and now we've pulled to hard
And now all you want is gone [x2]
And now I'm all I've got

Wait and see, that it's not 'cause me
It's everything.. in our lives..
I'll make some space but it's hard,
But I can't do anything to make this wait

And if all you want is gone
And now all you want is gone
And now I'm all I've got...

Lyrics submitted by disco_lemonade

An Oak Tree Stands Beside A Linden song meanings
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    General Commentomg I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!!
    iamthenightstarson November 30, 2006   Link
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    General Commentomg I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!!
    iamthenightstarson November 30, 2006   Link
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    General Commentgod, what an unbelievable song.
    HeyNiceGetson January 28, 2005   Link
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    General CommentAce is a genius and my idol.
    Autresnoon March 05, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI'm trying to see what the title means in reference to the song. Lime trees (lindens) and oak trees are both evergreen and both of them bear fruit, one the acorn and the other the lime..

    But they kind of represent different seasons? The lime tree is kind of spring/summer and the acorn is autumn/winter. I don't know. There has to be a meaning. Haha, my catchphrase.
    thecomaboyon August 12, 2005   Link
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    General CommentTwo people who are super compassionate and best friends, and love eachother, and know they should be together.... but have to deal with eachother's crap with other relationships
    and they have to wait.. and wait.. and wait..
    Joeyyyyon September 28, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI believe the title is taken from Roman mythology. This is directly from Mythology for Dummies (pg 180-182):

    "One day, Jupiter [Zeus] and Mercury [Hermes] disguised themselves as poor travelers and went knocking on doors in Phrygia. This was a test for the local people so that Jupiter and Mercury could see how hospitable they were.

    They knocked on doors and asked for food and a place to stay, but no one would take them in. Most people were downright rude and slammed the door in their faces.

    Finally they arrived at the most pathetic excuse for a house in the whole country. They knocked on the door and asked for food, and this time the homeowners let them in. They were an old man and woman named Philemon and Baucis.

    Philemon pulled a bench up to the fire and invited his visitors to sit on it, while Baucis bustled about cooking a rather pathetic meal. When it was done, she seated the gods at their broken table and fed them her boiled cabbage and cheap wine. The old couple were delighted to have visitors and talked happily as the meal progressed.

    They noticed something strange: though their guests had eaten and drunk a huge amount, the levels of food and wine in the bowl and pitcher remained constant. When they saw this, Baucis and Philemon realized that their visitors must be gods. They apologized for the lousy food and announced that they would now catch, kill, and cook their goose in honor of their guests.

    The goose didn't want to be caught, and the old couple chased it for a while, much to the amusement of Jupiter and Mercury. Finally they gave up, exhausted.

    Now Jupiter and Mercury rewarded their hosts. They informed them that they were, in fact, gods, and told them that although everyone else in the country was going to die, they wouldn't. Baucis and Philemon looked around and saw that the country all around was now covered with water. Their tiny hut turned into a beautiful white marble temple with a roof of gold.

    Jupiter told them that he would grant any wish they had. Their request was as humble as their lives had been: They asked if they could be the priests of Jupiter's new temple and if they could die at the same time---they had lived together so long, neither one could bear the thought of living without the other.

    Baucis and Philemon lived in the temple for many years. One day, they started reminiscing about the old days when they had lived in a poverty-stricken hovel, but had been very happy. As they talked, they started sprouting leaves and their skin turned to bark. They just had time to say goodbye to one another before they turned completely into trees, one oak and one linden growing out of a single trunk."

    That seems to make some sense of it.
    Slowlyfadingblueon October 06, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWhow, you sure know your stuff Slowlyfadingblue! that was a really beautiful story!

    Well based upon my previous interpretation of this lyrics as well as some suporting parts of Slowlyfadingblue's comment, i see two lovers, and the man realizes "hey, i dont feel like being with you anymore." but then going back to the woman to revelate how he really couldnt survive without her.

    But she was truly, unconditionally, without a doubt in love with him, not questions asked.

    She has an imaginiary conversation with him "And if all you want is gone. (if iM not supplying you with what you need) And now all you want is gone. (and i know iM presently not doing so) And now I'm all I've got (so now iM all alone cuz the man i love wasnt satisfied with me)..."

    so what's this? she ends up killing herself!

    The man comes back to her and he tells himself the same thing... he concludes the episode-

    "And if all you want is gone
    And now all you want is gone
    And now I'm all I've got..."

    he has now realized the damage he's done, what she was thinking when she comited suicide. at the same time he realizes that the one thing he wanted was gone forever, and he himself was all alone.
    XxSUPAstarxX808on December 13, 2005   Link
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    General Commentbecoming one of my favorites...i like how right before the chorus kicks he starts sayin "1, 2, 3...1, 2, 3..." but anyways a linden tree is exactly this...Any of various deciduous shade trees of the genus Tilia having heart-shaped leaves, drooping cymose clusters of yellowish, often fragrant flowers, and peduncles united into a large lingulate bract. Also called basswood, lime. oak tree stands beside a linden...i love that title so much.
    GlriusBlnknDshWrldon August 07, 2006   Link
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    General Commentmaybe it's a continuation of the myth. an oak and a linden growing out of the same trunk (always by your side, knowing nothing, but it's always right) and the fact that the trees are really just old folks (come oh so far to gain some strength but no we've pulled too hard). Perhaps the couple've grown tired of eachother, but realize they are stuck together forever; despite pulling away.

    So ace gave these two characters personalities and a brand new plot, maybe. bravo. I love this song!

    GreySkyEyeson December 28, 2006   Link

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