Surrender and know I've failed you.
Now let the darkness swallow you whole.
Nothing could ever compensate,
For what I've done to you.
Tell me, is there any recollection of a time,
Before the abhorrent smell of death,
Masked all the sugary scents of springtime...
And these apparitions led me astray,
Into the bowels of perdition?

Together, we created a world void sunlight:
Darkness fell, as we walked away.

Before an individual so cavalier, yet so depraved,
Laid you down upon the shores of Acheron.
Before we became immersed in iniquity.

Together, we created a world void sunlight:
Darkness fell, as we walked away.

And as we walked away,
The sky, it seemed to turn to black.
We did create an environment that's oh so dolent,
But I'd give anything to change these memories
Back to reality and return us to the light.

Together, we created a world void sunlight:
Darkness fell, as we walked away.

Surrender, and know I've failed you.
Now let the darkness swallow you whole.
Nothing could ever compensate,
For what I've done to you.
Now walk away and end our days.

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The Caitiff Choir: Defeatism Lyrics as written by Cappelli Brooks

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The Caitiff Choir: Defeatism song meanings
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    General Commenton wikipedia it said this album deals with the theme of "moral disintegration". so i think this is the phase when he realize everything he's done wrong and decides to leave. (maybe commit suicide) even though he knows it will hurt who he's leaving
    deathcloudon September 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentIt has a suicidal ring to it, basically saying that what he's done in his past means nothing and to move on would make more sense if he could just end it all.

    I am getting a Christian vibe from this song, however.
    "Nothing could ever compensate for what I've done for you" - Nothing can equal up to what he's given up and feels that God has failed him
    "Apparitions led me astray into the bowels of perdition." - The demons and ghosts of his past, being the mistakes, leading him into an eternity of punishment.
    "But I'd give anything to change these memories back to reality and return us to the light." - No matter how much he fails God has failed him, he will always go back to him and know that he is the true one.

    deathcloud, I know where your coming from on moral disintegration, but in a lot of people's minds, losing God is a sign of moral corruption. I guess it varies.

    That's all. And also can someone tell me what the hell dolent is? Thanks.
    Silence719on October 09, 2006   Link
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    General Commentdeathcloud, you got it spot on. IDT (especially onthis CD as a whole) writes in a perspective of just moral depletion.
    this song and im pretty sure none of their songs are about anything Christian. to the contrary they have lyrics that has the verbage of mythological figures especially in Greek mythology. example: Acheron is a river in greece where the greeks thought that it was a part of Hades because of its turbulent tides. another quick example of IDT using a lot of greek mythological figures is the song "A Romance by the Wings of Icarus" iscarus was a character in that mythology. sorry this is quite long but give it a shot, and really pay close attention to IDT's lyrics - they almost always have to do with moral depletion and/or the blending of greek mythological characters. on the surface its easy to say that it has Christian elements because of the lack of morality in our age especially, but check it out people! Nick wrote some incredible lyrics in the forever scorned EP and the caitiff choir
    kyleeeon January 14, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthis song is so metal yet hardcore yet has a huge sounded chorus...greatness
    sumimasen08on December 14, 2004   Link
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    General CommentAt first wasn't really liking it but after a few listens you grow familiar to the song, and soon after - love it.
    -IheartBeanieBoy-on April 10, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti think It Dies Today is christian and this is talking about his relationship with not completely sure of that though...can someone confirm that?
    LaLhxc024on May 08, 2006   Link
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    General Commentmaybe it is Lalhxc024 but i thought it was about like .... heres a scenario: k ur walkin through the mall and u see the girl that is really hot and looks really nice and not all bitchy and she smiles at u or watever and you look at her and smile too creating like "a void of sunlight" and "darness fell as u walked away" because ur never see her again and u think ur inlove. maybe. i dont know just an oppinion
    halfpunkhalfjockon June 10, 2006   Link
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    General Commentmy favorite band right after BDM
    B12on September 05, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti love this song
    drummerdude666on April 22, 2007   Link
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    General Commentdivine comedy
    jasondiestodayon June 25, 2007   Link

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