"The Only Unforgivable Thing" as written by and Ian Mosley (t) Peter John Trewavas....
The only unforgivable thing
Hauls itself out of bed
Looks over my shoulder
At the BloodyEnglishWeather

The only unforgivable thing
Waits for me in the corner of the room
Laughs as I clean my teeth
Laughs as I rub at my eyes

The only unforgivable thing
Is curled up in the wardrobe with my clothes
Sticks like chicken bones in my throat
Ruins the ritual Sunday lunchtimes

The only unforgivable thing
Watches itself with me
Every night on the TV
Follows me across the park
As I go out walking in the dark
Waits for me in the kitchen cupboards

The only unforgivable thing
The only unforgivable thing

We will close down
Hide in the corner of the
Lost and Found
For to live without the ground
Is so unsound
Gravity would only pull us down

Will no one help the boys
Who exist only as voices?

I have lost the stars and the sky
It was so that I could keep the earth
So now I’m found
Beyond the rocket-burst among the burned out fireworks
In No-vember

The only unforgivable thing
Is comfortable in it's own skin
Whispers “Why did you do this to me?”
‘til it’s just about all
Just about all I can see

The only unforgivable thing
The only unforgivable thing
The only unforgivable thing

I did..
I did..
You did.. You did.. You did..
We did..

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    My InterpretationI get the feeling that H considers betraying your own people (family, children, loved ones) as the most unforgivable thing. This is the theme of both “Brave” and “Afraid of Sunlight” as well as a number of songs before and after those albums. There do seem to be references to the Iraq war (or war in general), but it also seems like there is more than political commentary. The first lines sound like they don’t refer so much to guilt itself as to a person who embodies another’s guilt. Hence the references to smiling, laughing and looking at the weather. The first lines actually sound like the guilt of a man who replaced his wife with a younger woman and now wakes up every morning to the reflection of his betrayal in his new lover’s eyes. One of the most interesting things is that this song is in the first person as if the narrator were the one responsible for the negative events and consequences alluded to in the song. Together with the last line; “We did,” it seems like this is about everyone sharing in the guilt and everyone committing betrayal.
    juliankeyneson August 14, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI read an interview with Steve Hogarth and he said that he wrote these lyrics about the war in Iraq... and how they and so many other people sent letters to Tony Blair and protested against the decision on going to war with the US in Iraq.
    MMM88on December 27, 2006   Link
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    General CommentKeep that bullshit out of here. Fuck that.
    Anilandon December 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThe "only unforgivable thing" is denying the Holy Spirit. God will supposedly forgive ANYTHING you do...but not that. You do and you go to hell. See you there:)
    Anorak52on March 23, 2007   Link

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