"Make It Rain" as written by and Tom Waits Kathleen Brennan....
She took all my money
And my best friend
You know the story
Here it comes again
I have no pride
I have no shame
You gotta make it rain
Make it rain!

Since you're gone
Deep inside it hurts
I'm just another sad guest
On this dark earth

I want to believe
In the mercy of the world again
Make it rain, make it rain!

The night's too quiet
Stretched out alone
I need the whip of thunder
And the wind's dark moan

I'm not Able, I'm just Cain
Open up the heavens
Make it rain!

I'm close to heaven
Crushed at the gate
They sharpen their knives
On my mistakes

What she done, you can't give it a name
You gotta make it rain
Make it rain, yeah!

Without her love
Withour your kiss
Hell can't burn me
More than this
I'm burning up all this pain
Put out the fire
Make it rain!

I'm born to trouble
I'm born to fate
Inside a promise
I can't escape
It's the same old world
But nothing looks the same
Make it rain!
Make it rain!

Got to make it rain
Make it rain
You got to make it rain
Got to make it rain
You got to

I stand alone here!
I stand alone here!
Sing it:
Make it rain!
Make it rain!

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"Make It Rain" as written by Thomas Alan Waits Kathleen Brennan

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    General CommentBy the sounds of it, he did something very wrong. The reference to Cain implies that he killed his best friend, who was apparently screwing around with his ex... or something. Maybe he killed her too. All the references to making it rain, needing the whip of thunder, etc seems to me as though he's looking for punishment, and it hasn't arrived yet. It's the same old world, but nothing looks the same... perhaps because of what he did, or because there's no God/Heaven/Hell to punish him for it. Songs are all interpretation, though, so...
    Vindicatoron June 20, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthe "Able/Cain" line gets all the plaudits (and it is awesome), but in my opinion
    "She took all my money / And my best friend / You know the story / Here it comes again"
    One of the best openings to any song ever :)
    Nonymuson October 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAye! FUCKING aye!!
    MardyAsson December 04, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI see it as he wants the Flood to come again and drown the earth, put out the fire in his heart
    MardyAsson January 26, 2005   Link
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    General Commentwhat do you think he means by "I'm not Abel, I'm just Cain"? I mean I know Cain killed his brother Abel, but I don't get what it means in this song...
    Does it mean he did something wrong as well ("They sharpen their knives on my mistakes")?
    Sophie-Mon May 13, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHey! Thanks a lot for your answer! I hadn't thought of that yet, it's a really good clue. as it's my fave song from tom waits it feels really good understanding it ;)
    Sophie-Mon June 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI always thought that he meant (in the title), 'let luck or good fortune rain down on him again'. Get him out of this rut and let him see good times again. It's an interesting school of thought that he might of killed his best friend over the woman, but it's debatable. She oblivously dumped him, took all his money and his best friend (see Freddie King's "Have you ever Loved a Woman?", frequently covered by Eric Clapton), the latter leading me to believe she left him for the best friend. And at this point he has no pride or shame and will do anything to get her back or get back at her or just get over her. At night he's laying there alone, knowing she's out there with someone else, he feels evil and 'needs a whip of thunder' and cites how he is not 'able' to do anything about it and now feels like 'Cain' (feeling malevolent). He then seems to discuss how he was so close to heaven (with her), but got crushed at the closing gate and now all the mistakes he made (in the relationship maybe) are thrown in his faces like knifes by her or his critics. And it's gotten so low or disparaging that 'you can't give it a name.' But near the end it seems that he might even take her back if he could, because no other pain could ever hurt him this bad. It seems his luck always turns out like this because he is 'born of trouble'. Even though the world is exactly as it was yesterday, it doesn't look anything like it did to him anymore; without her at his side (hence his gloom). And he pleads again that he feels so alone here that he needs the heavens to rain down on him and help him overcome this, in anyway possible. But who knows, that's just me...lol
    morris13on September 12, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"I'm not able, I'm just Cain" is pretty much the best line ever. God DAMN.
    lemonparty.govon August 15, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI felt like the rain metaphor was more about rebirth and change than something negative. The rain nurtures life and makes things grow. It washes things clean. So, basically his wife/girlfriend left him and took everything, including his friends. He's got nothing and just needs to start fresh. He's praying for rain to wash all the sadness and pain away. I like how simple it is. His voice in this song is crazy! At first I picture an old black man, not a little white guy like Tom singing it!
    Wattzon June 13, 2008   Link
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    General Commentafter so many listening to this song,i still wonder how every line is so simple and true. they sharpen their knifes on my mistake is the most dramatic one, describes the cruel world we live in. and....its a same old world but nothing looks the same,is an agony of a person who lost his place in his own life,without any ability to cope with recent event...i could relate to this completely.
    milyon May 08, 2009   Link

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