"Get A Room" as written by and Jim O'rourke....
Get A Room

It's always me in the only seat
That has a canopy
There to screw up the best laid plans
Of those with company

I'd like nothing more to do
Than to watch the desperation on your face
I might send you straght to hell
Like it's worse to end up in this place

If I gave you, one night to live
Would you know who to choose to take home
And if she falls asleep before the night is through
Because she has to go to work
And you don't

And the night's getting longer
And your skin's getting colder
And you won't get much older

And you try to move towards her
But you can't move your shoulder
And you're sight's getting dimmer
Maybe if you kick her
But your leg's getting weaker
And she's such a deep sleeper
And you would get a snorer
To share your last hour
You sure picked a winner
And time's seeming slower
And now you can't see her
All you see is a timer
Moving backwards and forwards
And the night's getting longer
And your skin's getting colder

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"Get a Room" as written by Jim O'rourke

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    General Commentaw no comments. this song is so pretty.

    i never really thought about what it meant so the meaning i'm about to type is just off the top of my head, and pretty much a huge guess.ha.

    a girl takes a guy home who has one night to live. and in the beginning half of the song it looks like maybe god is speaking to him or something.

    "I’d like nothing more to do
    Than to watch the desperation on your face
    I may send you straght to hell
    Like it’s worse to end up in this place

    If I gave you, one night to live
    Would you know who to choose to take home
    And if she falls asleep before the night is through
    Because she has to go to work
    And you don’t "

    and the girl he chooses to spend his last night with falls asleep and he dies alone.

    what do you think
    electioneeron November 20, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI think that's wrong. Knowing how cynical Jim O'Rourke is, I'd say this song is about how bitterly lonely he is. He's sitting there by himself in the lonely seat by himself. He's the only one to sit there. The seat symbolizes his place in life. "It’s always me in the only seat". Then he goes on saying, "That has a canopy ", which shows his veiw of everyone else in his life. This 'canopy', shows us that when there's no one to go home with, he can see everyone and how they react to each other. He talks about "those with company", which I see as people who aren't lonely and have freinds, partners, and family. "I’d like nothing more to do than to watch the desperation on your face "--this is where he shows that he's so lonely that he's starting to get bitter. He sees all these couples and gets so frustrated that he can't have this, that he gets satisfaction out of seeing relationships fail. "If I gave you, one night to live would you know who to choose to take home" shows his desperation when no one chooses him. "And if she falls asleep before the night is through because she has to go to work and you don’t" seems obvious to me that he's implying that he's bitter because people find him boring or dull. Next three lines show that times passing and he's growing impatient. "And you try to move towards her but you can’t move your shoulder"--he's afraid to come near her because, he's afraid of rejection. "Maybe if you kick her but your leg’s getting weaker"--just an example of his dark sarcasm. "You sure picked a winner"--sarcasm again. The rest of it shows his aging and impatience again.
    Phrogexon December 21, 2004   Link
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    General CommentAgreed, this whole album is just drenched with sarcasm.
    smallwonderroboton April 10, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis is such a beautiful song. I agree with much of Phrogex's comments, though I do not understand how a canopy allows him to see like that. I see the canopy as something that hovers over him, which expresses just how "low" he feels about himself in relation to others....as he screws up their plans, etc. I think the end of it is about his death. Perhaps he doesn't have to work the next day cause he got fired. And he picked a woman to experience his suicide? Just a thought...might be wrong...probably is....
    Fortheloveofon June 20, 2005   Link
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    General Commenthey guys, i love the different readings that you have offered on the song. to add my own, i personally think that it is about jim seducing a man away from his girlfriend while she is sleeping by the campfire. he has a way of singing about these really intense topics in such a melodic style- i love him!
    thejoe1322on June 27, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe part where he's dying while lying next to the sleeping woman and he can't move/getting colder/weaker used to tear me apart. It's a spot on description of two people just not connecting on any level whatsoever- him reaching out and her being dead to the world, asleep..
    forgotten412on August 29, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthe ending to this song is absolutely beautiful.
    deflinuson July 05, 2008   Link
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    General Commentso depressing...
    TheWrongGirlon November 29, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationSeems like he's talking to himself

    First verse, the 'canopy' is maybe shyness or indecision that cuts him from the world and is an obstacle to get what he wants

    Second verse he's criticizing himself

    Third verse, if he could remove this 'canopy', would he be able to make the good choices

    Then, it's about how he can't accost a woman.
    tretuion March 19, 2014   Link
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    General Commentsorry...but I think your all a little wide of the mark.
    This is the Grim Reaper offering a lost soul one more night with a woman before he dies..... He isn't without some malice though as he taunts him throughout the song....what if you pick a snorer... what if she has to go to sleep before him because she's at work in the morning and he isn't...if she's asleep and snoring will he be able to wake her as he's slowly dying with progressive coldness and weakness.
    I love this song, it haunts me each time I listen to it, its so beautiful, sinister and v funny.
    it reminds us of death and its inevitability, how we try to cling to this world even when its upon us.

    My friend told me about Jim some years ago...he surprised me when he said that he thought his two albums INSIGNIFICANCE and EUREKA were , in his opinion the most important pieces of songwriting from the last 20 yrs.
    I now fully agree with him... this man is an underrated genius
    jeremy1252on April 14, 2014   Link

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