Hey you, living for tomorrow,
You sold your dreams for a pocket of change.
Hey you smokin up your sorrow,
Just pointing fingers at someone to blame.

Hey you, you turn your back on your children
It's left you in the big burning bed
This life's like livin in the gutter,
All this pain just makes you feel dead.

You're just givin' it all, givin' it all away,
You're just givin' it all, givin' it all away,
Hey, hey, ey yey, why ey, ey,

Slow down just look a little closer,
You might find that it's not the end.
You wonder how your life could get better,
When you're alone you just tear yourself down.

You're just givin' it all, givin' it all away,
You're just givin' it all, givin' it all away,

You're just givin' it all, givin' it all away,
You're just givin' it all, givin' it all away,
Hey, hey, ey yey, why ey, yey,

Try and find your better half now,
Open your eyes and find yourself.

Hey girl screamin for attention,
Once you get it you throw it away.
I'm broken, I'm pickin up the pieces
I won't live in all your mistakes.

I'm just givin' it all, givin' it all away,
I'm just givin' it all, givin' it all away.

I'm just givin' it all, givin' it all away,
I'm just givin' it all, givin' it all away.

I'm just giving it up, givin it all away,
Hey, hey, ey yey, why ey, ey.

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Giving It All Away Lyrics as written by John Feldmann Ashlee Simpson

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    General CommentApparently this song was co-written with John Feldman of Goldfinger. I thought that was kind of strange and figured i would post it. Also, another one of these songs is supposedly co-written with Benji from Good Charlotte, I'm not sure which one though. Is this song even any good? I've been a Goldfinger fan for years but...
    THOR9595on September 29, 2004   Link
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    General Commenti like this song. yeah? it's good?
    makingmemoriesofuson October 13, 2004   Link
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    General CommentShe sings that she won't become the people she introduces throughout the song, yet she does and becomes them and "gives it all away" as well. It's one of her better songs off of Autobiography.
    raysrealityon October 19, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI like the lyrics, but just becuase someone can write one good song (with the help of someone else) doesn't mean that they're not a fucking poser.
    tainted_smilezon June 08, 2005   Link
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    General CommentOh my god ! Finally a song not focused on relationships from Autobiography. I like the lyrics and her reflective voice in it.
    zeplinsong89on August 07, 2005   Link
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    General Commentyeah you may have broken your vow but she really did deserve that one... i mean if what you said was right adn all she has to do to save those kids is give them some money then shes pretty messed up not to do that i mean i dont get it shes never gonna be able to spend all that money... NEVER it will just keep adding and adding in interest why doesnt she save some lives with it ??!!
    Emo:Tearson March 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOk if the Simpsons are religious then I'm the god damn pope, and im certainyl nto religious!! They can exclaim their fatih as much as they like but they are NOT religious!!

    she has blonde hair (well duno she changes it all the time) is stick thin, has TONNES of money, has a geourgous boyfriend (I assume) Pretends to sing, and has a fake barbie lifestyle, the the exact fucked up role model all the girls my age are looking up to, so if it sells the magazine then shes the right person for the front cover..., god the media sends out some really messed up messages to kids

    Personally i wouldnt be upset if she fell out of a plane... the poor baby might break a nail and have to reorganize her whole life before she faced the public... i dont like her if you hadnt noticed
    Emo:Tearson March 30, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti understand you REALLY dont like mcr lol and i respect that, cuz im sure theres bands you like that i haet, like tool for example but moving on... you cant say that about gerard because mcr give a hell of alot of money to charity, as my happythoughts said on the 'my humps' page when Katrin hit they told people to stop buying their cds and give the money to the Katrina suport campaign thing, i dont see ashlee simpson doing that...

    And actually i do thin she deserves to fall out of a plane, apart from anything else it would just be funny... god that was way too evil lol!!

    Also, just because somebody listens to cmr doesnt mean they cut themselves, so you could have greard way as a role model and come out the other end with no scarring no blood loss and all your body parts as they should be, and hes a MUCH better rold model that Ashlee, hes always going on about how he wants all his fans to stay true to themselves not to crack under pear pressure, he also went through a hell of alot, he was a severe alcoholic and was known to pop a pill every now and then, but look at him now hes completely clean from aclohol and any kind of drugs and him and his band are doing amazingly... if thats not the kinda of role model kids should have then i really don't know who is!!
    Emo:Tearson April 03, 2006   Link
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    General Commentalso butneveroutgunned i know you haet the used, but you haev to admit bert mccracken is a pretty good role model too, i mean addicted to heroine and on teh streets to where he is now, hes a pretty great guy xD
    Emo:Tearson April 04, 2006   Link
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    General Commentlol well you never know natalie portman could look like a man in twenty years time...dunno plastic surgery could have gone wrong...you never know these things.

    Also ok most of their songs are about suicide and self harm and lost love and whatever else you said but so what, there really good songs and oh my god i just LOVE them.

    And hes a perfect role model because he got through all the bad stuff and came out on top, he only writes about what he knows, he knows about suicide, he knows about lost love, he knows about self harm and drug use adn whatever else so the songs are even better because hes been in teh situation, i mean people say Kurt Cobain is a good role model but i mean he blew his head to pieces...so whats better a guy that was in shit and then killed himself or a guy that was in shit and got through it all... i know who i'd say..

    also im not a 'impressionable youngster'
    Emo:Tearson April 05, 2006   Link

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