Be brave reshape
Can't force all into molds
Passing out schematics
Forcing all into molds

Once more about to change
Some try and fall beneath molds
Well it's your right so

I'll keep on this path
Turning around bending shapes
Cutting it in
We could excel beyond

The latter fools
Start a new tone
Hating the same
Empty the room

So create, reclaim
Sovereign shapes tempting us
Ration out, their schematics
Dare we live without molds

So far what's left between
They try and fail beneath molds

Feel locked in a room
And starting to choke
Enticing the shame
Awaken a world our own

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Breach Birth Lyrics as written by Peter Loeffler Joseph Loeffler

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    General CommentAnother amazing piece of a masterpiece.
    I absolutely love everything about this song.
    It's all about the world of music, and how its all stuck in certain molds by how others conform them.
    Theyre begging people to get out there and reshape our world, break out of the molds. I also love how they say they are already so far beyond many other bands, once you really get into chevelle you understand this song.
    whiteouton October 30, 2004   Link
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    General Commentinstead of being just about music I think its about society in generall and not just the music industry like the song Wonder What's Nest is
    redgrindleon January 15, 2005   Link
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    General CommentAmazing song. Took my breath away. It is about being "molded" by society and parents forcing one to go to church; not letting said one make their own decisions. Propoganda and such from the news and commercials (television in general) make people a part of the stereotypical hives.
    LevityIncon January 22, 2005   Link
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    General CommentJust wanted to comment that these lyrics (while following the booklet almost entirely) err in one important part from how this song is sung on the album.

    Enticing the shame
    Awaken a world our own

    Pete doesn't sing "our own" it just cuts to the 3rd chorus. I don't know why it's listed with saying "our own" in the insert of the album, but it is. Maybe this was a post-production snafu. Eitherway, bad ass song from a bad ass band. And if you don't like Chevelle that's cool too, because that's what this song is all about. Being your own person and doing what you think is right and good.
    bosefasauruson February 21, 2005   Link
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    General Commentbosefasaurus (love the name by the way)

    "our own" is in the song, it just flows back into the final chorous, you have to listen for it, it may just sound like a bunch of ooo's and ohh's, but it's there.

    I can't get over how much i love every single track they make, it's like they make beautiful love for me and i buy the cd's and become a part of this orgy. it's like porn for your ears, only, it's not bad, in fact it's very good.

    hope i did not offend anyone, chevelle doesnt offer too many sexual references for something like that.

    Someone is bound to see where i'm coming from. There are just parts of songs that become orgasmic for you, and you can't help but agree with me. it's like they made this song [song(s) in my case] just for you, and only you know about the satisfaction you get from getting lost in it all. None of chevelle's music is profane, vulgar, or negatively sadistic, and it makes me feel more comfortable about enjoying it.

    Making love to this music would be like sensory overload times 777. it would double the pleasure of the experience, and it would bring the two of you to a new level of understanding of respect (if your partner enjoys music like you do).

    The new understanding might not be the pinnacle of your relationship, but it would sure help. Plus every time you hear the song, you now have a memory to go with it in addition to your original appreciation.

    This is one of the many chevelle songs that i just get wet over. others would include (in case you wanna experience chevelle with me):

    *intro (point #1 cd)
    Point #1
    *family system
    comfortable liar
    send the pain below
    the red
    don't fake this
    grab thy hand
    an evening with el diablo
    one lonely visitor
    *the clincher
    get some
    vitamin r
    still running
    breach birth
    panic prone
    to return
    bend the bracket
    *until you're reformed

    yeah i know that's almost all of them. I don't have a problem! I can stop at any time! I'm not addicted!

    7bo7benn7on March 04, 2005   Link
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    General Commentall i can say is wow
    gabe_I_amon August 12, 2005   Link
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    General Commentwow 7bo7benn7 you but a lot of imegry in my mind that didnt have to do with chevelle....but anyways i understand what your sayen.

    I love all the songs chevelle makes,and that is amazing that they have done this for all of their cds,compared to other bands who have their ups and downs and like some of their songs are good but not all.but chevelle is definetly unique.they are just soo awsome,i have an attachment to a lot of songs myself. Like everytime i put a chevelle cd in im rocken in my car the whole way home.and i like listen to their cds months at a time.they are definetly a seperate band from others.and i like this song cause its about being different from everything else. like the line

    "We could excel beyond
    The latter fools
    Start a new tone
    Hating the same"


    "Dare we live without molds"

    Chevelle has really great lyrics and they love to rock wich is really really awsome.they are like really in it for the music and that factor really makes a difference in their music compared to everyone else
    RedXIII_898on August 31, 2005   Link
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    General Commentwtf ???? cool song but,chevelle is a christian band how can you get your freak on to their music????????? thats nasty,tastless,and offensive.(i kinda like it)
    treesmart7on September 18, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWell im only 10 months late.. but yes, Chevelle isnt a Christian band. But this song is amazing in so many ways. The endless guitar rifts and the chorus just makes you want to unleash whatever is kept up inside of you.
    Akrazon July 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentDoes anyone else see the connection between this song, Emotional Drought, and the title of the CD? If you have watched the DVD, you'll understand what I mean. This whole CD is connected through phrasings and ideas, and it all links back to the Thesis: This kind of thinking could do us in. Anyone else see the connection?

    Oh, and 7bo7benn7, I know EXACTLY what you mean. It's almost orgasmic in ways when certain notes and chords are struck. I haven't had the pleasure of getting the first two CD's, but I plan to-- when I have the money, that is.
    xikawnixon August 11, 2006   Link

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