Dead stop on the curb
With eyes in back of my head
Curbside inside or out parking the breads
Got a sore throat
Keeping it down
A sick desire been creeping around

Got a gallon of blood squeezing through my chest
And the closer I am to you the thicker it gets
A knife in the back and stuck in one place
With a pat on the back and a slap on the face

Keep trying to see from a better position
It's no good
And it never really makes any difference
If it could

Sick of having to start all over again
Here comes a big insider, turn myself in
Thinking of ways to explain everything
This sick desire, don't lead to a thing

Keep trying to see from a better position
It's no good
And it never really makes any difference
If it could

(Here we go again!)

Sick of having my heart write all over my face
And the backseat driver is taking my place
Caught me staring at you eyes dropped like lead
It's a cruel reminder it's all in my head x3

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Cruel Reminder song meanings
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    General CommentDefinitely my favorite Heatmiser song even though it isn't sung by Elliott... even so, Neil kicked major ass on this song, kudos.
    HughLloydon April 13, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti have to agree.. after i bought this album i kept on listening to this song over and over again.

    but what is it exactly talking about?
    iceh2oon December 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI definitely think this song is about having unrequited feelings for someone. The part that clued me in was the last verse (I think it's caught, not got)-
    'Sick of having my heart all over my face and the backseat driver's taking my place,
    Caught me staring at you, eyes dropped like lead- it's a cruel reminder, 'It's all in my head.'
    To me this is obviously describing a scene where even though the person knows that their crush, or beloved, or whatever, doesn't feel for them they feel compelled to look at them (backseat driver), their 'heart all over their face'; then the person catches them looking and 'their eyes drop like lead'- and it's- well- a cruel reminder that 'it' (aka their feelings for the person, their relationship, everything they dream about in relation to that person) is all in their head- they're deluding themself. Yeah, the lyrics describe it so well I feel like that wasn't even helpful. Really, this exact thing has happened to me so many times that it's amazing how closely it follows. Anyway...
    So knowing what it's about the other verses kind of follow. The first one I don't really get, partly because it's hard to figure out what he's saying, but 'sick desire' is his desire for the person, 'creeping around'- probably more metaphorically, watching this person, finding out about them, being somewhat obsessed with them- like stalker-ish, but a milder version?- even though they aren't interested in him
    'Gallon of blood' verse is about how he feels when he's around them, how nervous he gets, and feels 'stuck in one place.' Plus, I'm definitely hearing 'I'm half in the bag,' not 'A knife in the back' even though it seems to make less sense.
    'Keep trying to see from a different position- it's no good' is another part that I think describes the situation perfectly. It's how, when you like someone who doesn't care about you really, you think about every little thing, a look, a turn of phrase, in a different light and imagine it means much more than it does, clutch at straws. So, see your relationship from a different position, imagine that it's something more. But it doesn't really work, because- it's all in your head. It's no good.
    Same goes for 'Thinking of ways to explain everything, this sick desire, it don't do you a thing'
    I don't really get 'Here comes a big insider, turn myself in.' Any ideas...?
    So, yeah. This song- basically the story of my middle/high school love life? aka my love life so far? :P
    Also, I'm surprised by the fact that my favorite Heatmiser songs- including this one- are by Neil, not Elliott. Which is wierd because I adore Elliott.
    hannyanny68on July 07, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think its actually: "Sick of having my heart write all over my face" - so he's saying his sick of showing his emotions so obviously.
    djn9on December 30, 2010   Link
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    General Commentand "caught" not "got" and "driver was" not "drivers"
    djn9on December 30, 2010   Link

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